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Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary procedure is the governing rule for General Assembly meetings. Each SGA

representative is encouraged to know and follow parliamentary procedure for efficient and participatory meetings.

Parliamentary Procedure Table

Note: The Parliamentary Procedure Page is printer-friendly. You may print the document and keep it for your own reference. You may also find the parliamentary procedure method on the Student Organizations handbook which you can view online.

Guidelines For Writing A Constitution

An outline describing how and what should be written in a student organization's constitution at the University of the Incarnate Word.

Guidelines For Writing Bylaws

Power to create bylaws is usually given in the constitution and represents a rule book for day-to-day procedures. Generally, the constitutions establish the broad structure and format of an organization and the bylaws spell out the process and procedures to attain the goals and implement the structural format. Items such as the specifics of the nomination process for officers, the exact amount of dues, and the dues collection procedures, the specifics of committee operation, fundraising operations, etc. are best suited in the bylaws.

Student Organization Events Publicity

Publicity is a developed program of communication intended to promote the interest and participation of individuals. Publicity informs, sells, educates, clarifies, exposes, excites, and involves. It serves as the vital link between the planned program and program response. Depending on the quality of the program, publicity can be one of the prime determinants of the success or failure of the program.

Common Denominators Of Success

Studies on high achievement behavior have shown there are six common denominators of success for any person, team, or institution striving for success.


Need an idea? One of the most effective ways to generate ideas is called brainstorming. This technique can yield some outstanding ideas. Some of the most and best ideas come through people working together. The adages of "two heads are better than one" and "the more the merrier" are true in the realm of creative thinking. Some people seem to have a special talent for creativity. Recruit these people and tap their brainpower.

Stimulating The Less Motivated Members Of An Organization

Organization members bring their own objectives and goal that might not meet the standards you have for yourself. Some members may not feel the same pressures to succeed that highly motivated members do. Although motivation comes from within a person, there are some things that you, as a leader, can encourage to create an environment that will stimulate the less motivated member of an organization.


In your role as an officer, you have the responsibility to try to create a climate within the group that will inspire interest, enthusiasm anf participation. Admittedly, this is a difficult tak to accomplish for the most seasoned leaders. Motivation, as defines as the "desire or force within an individual which causes him or her to act" As defined, motivation is something that comes from within a person, not an external force applied by someone else...

Dealing With Complainers

There's one person in your organization who is constantly complaining about something. Besides the fact that the complainer wastes time, you're worried that other members' morale may be affected by the complaining. What can you do?

Publicity-Grabbing Gimmicks

Standard publicity such as newspaper articles, radio spots or posters often gets you rmessage across to your audience, but sometimes promotion requires a little extra effort and creativity to sell the audienceon your program. A publicity gimmick is a promotion technique qhich focuses on the unique or the agsurd to attract attention and create interest in the program.

Gauge Your Organization's Effectiveness

How does your organization rate on the effectiveness scale?

Productive Meetings

How to make your meeting productive

Effective Meeting Checklist

Every leader's guide to conducting a meeting.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

An article by Michael A. De Rosa Jr. of the Pratt Institute regarding the proper procedure for conducting meetings.

Communicating With Advisors

Your advisor is a valuable resource for your organization. You can learn a lot from your advisor and th advisor can help you have a successful year. They also provide the continuity from year to year and can help to make your transition easier. When we don't know who the organization leadership is, we communcate through your advisor.


Delegation is the process of granting the authority and responsibility for performing a task to another individual. Delegated tasks can motivate members, spread the work load and train future officers. Delegation is a must for effective leadership and is one of the single most important skills a leader can develop.

Fundraising Ideas

Great ideas (including fundraising ideas of the past) for fundraising for your student organization.

Fundraising Is Friendraising

Discover the benefits of fundraising and how it can help you, your organization, and your school.

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