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Student Organizations Handbook

Student organizations are established and registered at University of the Incarnate Word for the purpose of complementing and extending the educational program and furthering the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, physical, and career development of students. Organizational involvement provides students with opportunities for leadership, fellowship, self-government, and group activities.

The Role of Office of Leadership Activities

The Office of the Student Center and Leadership Activities, located in the Student Center, serves as the liaison between student organizations and the University. The Staff provides a number of support services which can simplify the operational procedures of running a successful organization. Through such activities as leadership weekends, training sessions, and workshops, students can learn how to develop their leadership potential while building a sense of community on the university campus.

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Handbook Contents

Rights and Responsibilities of Student Organizations
Legal Implications
Registration of Student Organizations
Student Honor Societies
UIW Student Government Association
Services Available for Student Organizations
Financial Management Guidelines
Funding Information
Planning Your Organization's Activities
Student Sales and Fundraising
More Policies and Procedures
Dispute Hearing Process
Food Service Policies and Procedures

Guidelines for Writing a Constitution
Guidelines for Writing Bylaws
Publicity and Promotion
Publicity Considerations

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