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Please go to complete the SCLA forms. For assistance, please stopy by (call, or email) the Office of Leadership Activities in the Campus Life Office located in the Marian Student Center.

Student Passenger in Personal Vehicle of University Employee
Mandatory Attendence Transportation Release

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Media Services Request
Classroom Reservations
In-Kind Donations
Requirements for Temporary Food Establishments

Annual Renewal Form: All student organizations are required to submit Annual Renewal forms to update the contact information of officers and advisor(s) and account authorizations in order to be recognized by the Student Government Association and the Office of Leadership Activities. Organization forms expire at the end of May each year and must be completed. If your student organization elects new officers during the school year, please submit the Annual Renewal Form because account information will need to be updated as well. SCLA will be able to check grades and maintain updated contact information for the new officers.

New Student Organization Application : Find out how to start a new student organization.

Event Approval Request: All events and activities scheduled on or off campus, such as speakers, parties, field trips and fund-raising activities, must be coordinated and approved by the Office of Leadership Activities. This approval allows the event to be conducted in the name of the organization, publicized on campus and makes it eligible for SGA funding.  In addition, when five or more members of a registered student organization participate in an activity, it is considered an official organization event and must be approved by the Office of Leadership Activities. The excursion request information is now on the event approval form. Effective Fall 2008, an Event Approval form is not required for regular business meetings in classrooms or for participation in already approved University events such as Athletic events or events sponsored by the SCLA, Campus Activities Board or Student Government Association. Student Organizations who work with Special Events for their meetings, must complete the form.

Steps for turning in Event Approval Forms

Step 1:  Fill out the Event Approval Form in its entirety.  Please add an alternative date, time and location for your organization’s event.  Then check the Special Events Calendar if you need a place on campus for your event to ensure that this space is free.  Finally, make certain that the form has all of the required signatures.

Step 2:  After the form has the appropriate signatures, turn the form in to the Campus Life Office.  When turning in the Event Approval forms, log-in forms in the Pending Event Approval Form binder in the Campus Life Office.  This will help the Student Organizations Coordinator know which forms were turned in, at what time and from which organization.

Step 3:  At the end of each (business) day, the Student Organizations Coordinator will review the forms, approve or deny events, then submit the form to the Director of the Student Center and Leadership Activities.  The Director will then review, discuss with the Student Organizations Coordinator, and approve or deny the event.

Step 4:  An email will be sent to your organization confirming the event and stating whether it has been approved or denied.  If a copy is needed of the form, a reply to the email is needed and then a copy will be placed in your organization’s inbox located in the SGA Office.  If the event has been denied and the organization wishes to discuss the reasons as to why it was denied, they may schedule a meeting with the Student Organizations Coordinator.

Possible reasons for denial and penalties may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Missing information about event: Location, time, expected audience, etc.
  • Missing signatures of President and/or Advisor.
  • Missing list of updated drivers (for off campus events).
  • Missing Hold Harmless Forms (may be obtained in Campus Life Office).
  • Form was turned in late (all forms turned in day of the event are automatically DENIED).

Additionally, each late form turned in will result in a $50 fine.

If an event takes place without an approved Event Approval Form then the organization will be fined an additional $15.

Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement for Voluntary Activity: Any voluntary event or activity (typically off-campus and/or overnight) where transportation may or may not be provided or arranged by UIW is subject to requiring this Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement. Please contact of the Office of Leadership Activities with any questions about the use of this form. Off-campus and/or overnight events must also complete the Event Approval.

Student Passenger in Personal Vehicle of University Employee: This release is to be used in the limited and unlikely situation where the student is involved in an activity voluntarily and is giving permission to be transported by an employee of UIW in the employee’s personal vehicle.

Mandatory Attendence Transportation Release: This release is to be used when UIW is providing the transportation for the student and the student’s attendance at the event or activity is mandatory. For example, where a student is enrolled in a class that requires an out-of-town filed trip.

Alcoholic Beverage Activity Permit: Must be submitted three (3) weeks prior to the event along with the Event Approval Request form.

Media Services Request for Audio/Visual Equipment for Special Events: Use this form to assist in the planning, scheduling, and delivery of audio-visual equipment for university-sponsored events scheduled through the Leadership Activities Office. Submit form to the MediaCenter within three (3) weeks of the event date. You can email it to or print it, fill it out, and fax to 829-3915. We are unable to accomodate changes within 72 hours of delivery. This form is for reservations only. The Media Center does not guarantee delivery until after the confirmation of the reservation. Upon receipt, they will check availability and email a reply confirming your reservation. Once a reservation has been confirmed, your equipment request will be filled.

Classroom Reservations: Contact the Registrar's Office for classroom reservations.

In-Kind Donations to University of the Incarnate Word, Incarnate Word High School, and St. Anthony Catholic High School

San Antonio Metropolitan Health District Food Sanitation Division: Requirements for Temporary Food Establishments


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