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Guidelines for Working with Students

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Guidelines for working with students

  • Know as many students as you possibly can and know them well. Little is done without this individual relationship.
  • Treat each student with the dignity and respect that you would like for yourself.
  • Deal with the important and relevant aspects of you position. Avoid getting burned out by dealing with petty differences.
  • Be honest with yourself and others. It does no good to tell students what you think they want to hear.
  • Understand that you work more by persuasion and the power of your personality than any amount of formal authority.
  • Be available - there is no such thing as a "standard work day". The job is time-consuming and restrictive - but rewarding.
  • Realize that your position is at best nondescript. No job description or cookbook will ever substitute for intelligence, common sense, and the qualities which led to your selection.
  • Help your organization become increasingly more self-sufficient and less reliant on you.
  • Never underestimate the power of your influence on a student. Your conduct and conversations are a model for others.
  • Clarify your role in the organization with the members in order to set expectations.
  • Avoid becoming over-controlling in the organization's matters. Strike a balance between being too involved and too passive. Remember - the organization is for the students, and decisions should be made by the students.
  • Be patient in the growth and developmental processes of students. It might seem easier to provide solutions and results quickly, but ask yourself how membership in the organization will augment the students' education.