The following services are available to registered student organizations:

Assistance in Planning and Running a Successful Organization- Experienced professional staff can help you plan and implement successful events as well as help you identify problems and suggest approaches and solutions.

Assistance in Recruiting- Leadership Activities will advise you about making promotional literature about your student organization.

Establishment of an Agency Account- A student organization agency account can be established in the Business Office that provides the following benefits:

* The ability to use the University's purchasing system thereby avoiding state sales tax
* Coverage of funds against theft
* Continuity of account when officers change

Poster Approval
- The Student Life Office approves posters, banners, and other forms of publicity for distribution or display on all public bulletin boards. Butcher paper and markers are available at the Student Center desk for making signs.

SGA Officers and Senators - Please consider the SGA Officers and Senators as a resource to assist you in developing your student organization. Stop by the office in the Student Center or attend a General Assembly.

Mailboxes - Every registered organization is provided a mailbox at the Campus Post Office, if available. Each organization is issued a mailbox key once by the Post Master. If the key is lost, the replacement fee is $10.00. It is recommended that you check your box at least weekly for information and important messages. If your organization uses the University as its mailing address, be sure your address is as follows:

(Name of your organization)
(Your campus box number)

University of the Incarnate Word
4301 Broadway
San Antonio, Texas 78209

Additionally, every student organization has a mailbox in the SGA Office. Feel free to put flyers in the boxes advertising student events.

Equipment - Tables and chairs can be reserved through the front desk at the Student Center. Audio-visual equipment can be reserved through the Media Center. A popcorn machine and cotton candy machine are also available for organization use. To reserve it, contact the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities.

Storage Lockers - Every registered organization is provided a storage locker (if available) in the lounge of the Student Center. Each organization is issued a key to the locker by the Student Organizations Coordinator or Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities. If the key is lost, the replacement fee is $10.00.

Sister Mary Dowling Conference Room - This room, located in the Student Center may be reserved for meetings or events (8 am to 12 am) at the Student Center front desk. The room seats 10-12 persons comfortably.

University Facilities - The Campus Life Staff and the Director of Special Events (829-6045), will assist in finding and reserving appropriate facilities for your events.

University Vehicles - Registered student organizations can request the use of university vehicles for approved events as vehicles are available. The driver must be 21 years or older, be in possession of a valid Texas driver's license with no restrictions, and be a registered driver with the University. In order to become a registered driver, the student must go to the Human Resources Office and submit his/her name, driver's license and date of birth. A Motor Vehicle check is run which takes about 48 hours. If the driver has a clear record, he/she may become a registered driver and be eligible to drive University vehicles. To check on availability and make reservations for a vehicle, call Vehicle Services (829-3907).

All student organizations have the opportunity to reserve student vehicles, including accessible vehicles. A Vehicle Request Form signed by the student org advisor must be faxed to 805-3093. Student organizations should reserve vehicles three weeks in advance when they submit Event Approval Forms.

Student organizations are charged for mileage (.53 per mile) during van or car rental. Student organizations who reserved any type of van and cancelled their event without giving the SCLA Office enough notice to cancel the van, will be charged a fee. To give our student orgs the benefit of the doubt, there is no fee for the first or second offense. For subsequent cancellations without appropriate notice (48 hours), the student organizations must pay $75 per day, per vehicle.