Within the University of the Incarnate Word community, student organizations have rights and responsibilities that help to ensure that campus activities are conducted in a manner that is consistent with the mission of the University and are safe, rewarding and fun for members. By exercising your rights with respect for the rights of others, and by taking your organizational responsibilities seriously, organizations make campus life rewarding for everyone.

Your Student Organization Responsibilities:

1. To manage and carry out activities in accordance with the student organization's constitution, by-laws, local, state and federal laws, and university regulations, policies and mission.

2. To conduct student organization business and fiscal operations in accordance with standards of good business management and practice.

3. To demonstrate the special role that the student organization has as a part of the University and to act in the best interest of the members, the University and surrounding community.

4. To keep the Office of the Student Center & Leadership Activities and the Student Government Association informed as soon as possible when changes occur in the organization. This includes changes in the constitution, officers, membership requirements, needs of the organization, and/or signatures for accounts.


Your Student Organization Rights:

1. To register your student organization, consistent with University policies, regulations and mission, and local, state, and federal laws.

2. To use the name of University of the Incarnate Word in all information, publicity, and references in a manner consistent with the policies contained in this handbook and the Student Handbook.

3. To use the services and assistance of the Office of the Student Center and Leadership Activities in planning, executing and evaluating programs and activities.

4. To use campus facilities and campus publicity consistent with University regulations and policies.

5. To request financial assistance from the Student Government Association to further the goals and objectives of the organization and University.