The registration of student organizations is essential. Registration enables an organization to take advantage of certain University services and facilities, and in some cases, financial support.

The registration process is designed to enfranchise student organizations for inclusion in overall campus life. Students interested in forming a new organization should obtain instruction, along with general information and registration forms, from the Student
Government Association Office or from the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities.

Students interested in forming a fraternity or sorority should see the section "Greek Life" in this handbook for additional guidelines. Also, additional guidelines for religious organizations are specified under the section of "Guidelines for Religious Organizations".
New student organizations can register at any time during the fall and spring semesters.

Application Process

A. Membership in University of the Incarnate Word student organizations may not be restricted on the basis of race, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap. Social fraternities and sororities are permitted by law to limit their membership to a single gender.

B. Only currently enrolled University of the Incarnate Word students are eligible to hold office in registered campus organizations. Provisions for non-student members may be made but non-students may not outnumber student members in any organization.

C. A minimum of eight students is required to form an organization. Registered student organizations must keep accurate and complete membership rosters, and provide these records to the Student Government Association or to the Office of the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities with the registration form.

D. Obtain registration forms from the Office of the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities in the Student Center or from the SGA office. The registration packet includes: Organization Registration Form, Guidelines for Constitution and By-laws, Directory Information Sheet and the Statement of Compliance and Approval of Registration Form.

E. Submit the following material to the House of Representatives Liaison of the Student Government Association, the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities, or the Student Organizations Coordinator:

1. One typed copy of the organization's current constitution and by-laws and those of any regional or national constitution.

2. A complete copy of the Organization Registration Form which includes a list of the organization's officers, date of their terms of office and their local addresses and phone numbers. (Form A)

3. A completed Statement of Compliance and Approval of Registration including the signature of the UIW faculty or administrator who agrees to serve as advisor to the organization. (Form B)
4. Student Organization Agency Account Authorization.(Form C).

F. Appoint two members as Student Government Representatives. These members are required to attend all general meetings of the Student Government Association.

G. All officers must be registered full-time students of University of the Incarnate Word and must be in good academic and financial standing. A majority of the members must be registered at least as part-time students of University of the Incarnate Word.

H. Each student organization must find a faculty/administrator member to serve as an advisor. The advisor helps to bring continuity from year to year and aids in the transition of new officers. If any organization is having difficulty finding an advisor, the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities will aid in identifying someone to assist the group.

I. All registration and re-registration requests by student organizations must be reviewed by the Executive Council of the Student Government Association. The review will examine the:

1. Articulation of the goals of the organization to insure they are not duplicating another registered student organization.

2. Consistency with the mission of University of the Incarnate Word and values of the Catholic Church.

3. Democratic ideals as articulated in the organization's constitution.

4. Technical accuracy.

J. If registration is recommended by the SGA Executive Council, the application will be forwarded to the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities for review of consistency with the University mission. The Dean of Student Life will then make the final determination regarding registration (in consultation with the Vice President of Student Affairs where appropriate).

K. If the application meets the approval of the Dean of Student Life, the student organization's application will be sent to the General Assembly of the Student Government Association. The General Assembly will review the application and either recommend registration or withhold its recommendation of approval for registration. At least one member of the applying organization must be present to give an overview of the organization and answer any questions. If a member is not present, the application will be tabled until the next General Assembly meeting.

Guidelines for Religious Organizations

The University of the Incarnate Word, rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, is committed to encouraging the personal faith life of all its members and affirms the spirituality of its faculty, students, and staff members of varying religious backgrounds and persuasions.

All religious groups on campus must operate within the guidelines of Campus Ministry. Some basic guidelines are:

1. All religious groups and activities are to be approved by Campus Ministry.

2. Every religious group must identify the particular church/ denomination with which they are affiliated and make this clear in all advertising on campus.

3. All advertising materials must be approved by Campus Ministry.

4. Groups must promote respect for others' religious beliefs and practices. To this end, no group or individual member of a group may proselytize (seek to make converts of) or promote anti-Catholicism in any way.

Renewal of Active Student Organizations

The registration of each student organization expires automatically on May 15. Organizations that were active during the previous year must complete an Annual Renewal Form (Form D) to be turned in with a complete roster of members by May 15, in order to be registered for the following academic year. The roster should include the members' printed names, student ID number and signatures. NO STUDENT ORGANIZATION WILL BE PERMITTED TO USE RESOURCES OR BENEFITS ASSOCIATED WITH REGISTRATION UNTIL ALL REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS ARE MET. If during the year, there are changes in the officers or in the Constitution or By-laws, those changes must be communicated in writing to the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities or the Student Government Association within two weeks of the change or the organization may lose its privileges on campus. This allows the organization's information to be printed in the Student Organization and Activities Guide which is distributed during orientations.