Student Honor Societies provide an important mechanism to recognize students who have achieved outstanding academic scholarship.

Academic Honor Societies include:



Alpha Chi All disciplines
Delta Mu Delta Business
Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman
Kappa Delta Epsilon Education
Sigma Tau Delta English
UIW Nursing Honor Society Nursing

The appropriate Dean will be responsible for designating one individual to be responsible for the academic honor society as an advisor. The advisor works with the dean to:

A. Allocate money to the society
B. Coordinate membership selection
C. Coordinate induction ceremony of new members
D. Serve as a resource for the society

Honor societies may also choose to be registered as a student organization. These student organizations will continue to be supervised by the academic division and will be subject to all the rights and responsibilities of student organizations, including the ability to request funds from the Student Government Association.

Induction ceremonies/banquets are not eligible for funding through the Student Government Association, although societies who maintain status as student organizations may request funding for other society activities (as specified in the allocation policy).