Publicity-Grabbing Gimmicks

What sells a program?

Standard publicity such as newspaper articles, radio spots or posters often gets your message across to your audience, but sometimes promotion requires a little extra effort and creativity to sell the audience on your program. A publicity gimmick is a promotion technique which focuses on the unique or the absurd to attract attention and create interest in the program.

The following will describe a few publicity gimmicks you may use to enhance your publicity campaign. Remember, you may be as open-minded and creative as the law permits!

You are limited only by your imagination, so get your group together and brainstorm! Your prgrams will come to life by using publicity gimmicks that focus on the theme. THe best programs around can go unnoticed if the proper publicity isn't used.

remember to get permission from appropriate University offices or departments for your promotional gimmick. For assistance in developing your special promotion, call 882-3780 Leader Tips 1/90. For more information on organizational and personal development skills or University policies regarding organizations, stop by or call the Governments and Activities Office, AO22 Brady Commons, Universiy of Missouri - Columbia, 882-3780