Gauge your Organization's Effectiveness

How does your organization rate on the effectiveness scale? Do your members enjoy meetings and activities or do they moan and groan every time a meeting is announced? Do you listen to one another? Is your organization full of "stuffed shirt" or do members genuinely enjoy getting together to have a good time? People make up organization and people determine the effectiveness of an organization. Ineffective organizations can plod on for years. How does your organization rate?


1 --- always
2 --- sometimes
3 --- never
4 --- occasionally

1 2 3 4  
        Meetings tend to be informal, comfortable, and relaxed
        Members know each other well
        Members help generate ideas and stimulate discussion.
        Members listen to each other
        Most decisions are reached by consensus in which everyone is in general agreement and is willing to go along.
        People are free in expressing their feelings and ideas on a problem
        Criticism is frequent, frank, and relatively comfortable. There is little evidence of personal attack, either openly or in a hidden fashion.
        Skills, resources, and liabilities of the group are recognized.
        The chairperson does not dominate the group.
        Your group periodically evaluates and assesses both its strengths and weaknesses.

IF you checked the always box 9 or 10 times, then your group is tops. It took a lot of work to get where you are, so don't blow it now. Everyone feels equal in your group and each member takes an active part in your activities. Be careful though, even the best groups can sometimes flounder. Remember,, it can take just as much work to maintain a successful organization. It doesn't take any effort at all to blow it.

CHECKED 6 - 8 in the always column? Sounds like you are almost there. This might be the time your organization needs to take time out to reevaluate its goals and priorities so you can get bakc on the right track. Is your problem poor teamwork, unclear goals, or low motivation? Talk with group member to sort out their feelings about the organization and where it is going.

CHECKED 4 - 5? Your organization needs to dig in its heels and work hard at spending the needed time to make your ogranization grow. Reevaluate why your organization exists. Try writing out your organization's purposes and objective. Then try to figure out ways to meet these objectives.

THREE OR LESS, then your group might be headed for the defunct organization list. Ask yourself, "Why are we meeting together as a group? What are the goals of this organization?" The msot important thing for you to consider is what seemst o be blocking your group from realizing its potential and how can the group change to beome more effective.

No group is perfect and no one group can serve all the needs of all the members. That's why therea re more than 360 recognized organizations at MU alone! People are free to mix and match memberships in different organizations. But your group is unique and special. It offers a membership mix and a purpose that no other group on campus does. What you choose to make of this is up to you, but doesn't it make sense to make the most of your opportunity? Leader Tips 12/88. For more information on organizational and personal development skills or University policies regarding organizations, stop by or call Office of the Student Center and Leadership Activities, Student Center, University of the Incarnate Word, 829-6034