Allocation Policy

Funding for events, activities, programs, educational trips, and speakers, is approved through an Allocation Request to the SGA. The purpose of this allocation is to provide financial support for educational or community service activities for student organizations that might not be available otherwise. The following mandatory guidelines serve to assist organizations in planning their fund requests and to assist SGA members in voting on the request.

A. Events and activities must be approved by the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities before funds are requested.

B. All fund requests must be received 2 weeks (10 working days) prior to the event. No fund request will be considered if received by SGA after the event has taken place.

C. The amount of the allocation will not exceed $250.00.
D. There will only be one allocation per organization per semester (Fall, Spring) as funds are available.

E. Normally, only registered organizations with on-campus accounts will be funded. To determine whether an exception can be made, speak with the Director of the Student Center and Leadership Activities.

F. The SGA will not subsidize 100% of any student organization's total activities for the semester. Full allocations are not to exceed more than half of the event cost (e.g. if the event is $300, the allocation may not exceed $150). Student organizations should provide a substantial portion of their own income by collecting dues and scheduling fund raising activities. Organizations may satisfy their funding requirements in part by seeking free programs, films, or speakers from their professional community.

G. Allocations will not be made for normal operating expenses of an organization (paper, photocopying, newsletters), for food or beverages, alcoholic beverages, t-shirts, or scholarships/awards.

H. Criteria for evaluation of an allocation request will include: the organizations demonstrated commitment to the University community and to SGA, the purpose and quality of the proposed program, the critique and documentation of previously funded events, and the proportion of the expenses borne by the organization versus those requested from SGA.

I. Class Representatives can also receive an allocation (following the same procedures as other organizations) based on their involvement and the quality of their proposed program(s).

J. Allocations will be awarded as funds are available.

Allocation Process

To have an allocation request considered, the following steps must be taken.

A. The student organization must submit a Request for Approval of Activity form to the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities and the Dean of Student Life (where appropriate). The approval process for the activity must be completed before requesting funds.

B. The organization obtains an allocation request form from the SGA website, the SGA Treasurer, or during a general assembly meeting.

C. The allocation form should be completed with careful documentation about how the money will be spent. The form must be submitted to the SGA Office no later than two weeks (10 working days) prior to the event. Multiple events may be combined on one allocation request.

D. The SGA Executive Officers review the request to determine if the proposed activity falls within the funding policy guidelines listed above. If the Executive Officers have any questions or recommendations, a member of the respective organization will be asked to meet with the Executive Officers to discuss the requested allocation.

E. After review of the request, it is placed on the agenda for the upcoming general meeting. After the fund request is introduced at the general meeting, the representative of the organization should provide a brief description of the event and justification for the SGA funding. A general discussion will follow.

F. An at-large vote will be taken at a SGA general meeting for approval of the funding from a majority of all members present. At least one member of the requesting organization must be present when the allocation is to be considered, otherwise the request will be tabled until the next general meeting (as long as it is before the date of the event). No allocation requests are to be presented to the general meeting after an event has been held.

G. If the funding is not approved, amendments to the funding request may be considered.

H. After approval, the organization is responsible for arranging appropriate methods of fund disbursement with the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities.

I. A follow-up or "After Action" form must be filed with the SGA within ten working days following any event for which an allocation was received. The report will itemize expenses (and revenues, if appropriate) for the event and all sources of funding by percentage. Copies of receipts for items purchased must also be included.

J. SGA may reconsider the registration status of any organization "in violation" of the terms spelled out in this document if the "After-Action" report has not been filed.

K. Failure to file this documentation normally will result in the forfeiture of the next two consecutive semester's allocation as determined by the Executive Council.