Fundraising Is Friendraising

Why do we raise funds?


Endowments ($35K) Interest is used off of these accounts. Perpetual

Annual Scholarships

Professor Chairs ($500K b/c they pay a salary)

Annual Fund (checking account)

Building Renovations and New Buildings:

Convocation Center, Library, Science Building.

Projects, i.e. Departmental

How do we Raise Funds?


Capital Campaigns, i.e. Library

Associate's Campaign

Board of Trustees

Development Board

Special Events:

Fashion Show

Swing-In Golf Tournament & Silent Auction

Run for Brainpower

Sponsorships for events


direct Mail

Prospect Visits

Planned Giving

Who Should Ask and Who Should be Asked?

*check with the Development Office before beginning your solicitation. We want to be sure not to jeopardize a proposal that's in the works. We may be able to tag on your project to our proposal. Some corporations prefer a year-round proposal. We may be able to give you some insight

Person(s) that is workign directly with the organization (officer, member)

Person(s) that has a relationship with the prospect

Person(s) that is working on the project

Team visit is always good

Prospects with a connection to the University or your organization

Alumni or past members of your organization

Prospects that have a giving record

What is a Gift? (Donation, Contribution)

A gift is cash, non-cahs, stocks, real estate, personal property of $5K or more.

PLEDGE: A non-binding offer of a gift by a specific time

In-Kind Contribution: Donated item that you did not pay for.

Disounts on goods do not count as in-kind gifts.

What is Gift Designation?

When the Donor requests how they want their gift to be used: Scholarship, Project = Stewardship

When you are trying to raise money for something in particular, you have to tell the donor what the money will be used towards

It's unethical to use it for something else. This could also cause jeopardize your relationship with the donor.

How Do We Get The Next Gift?

Maintain the conor relationship even after you get the gift.

Thank the donor immediately (formally with a letter and a nice touch is a phonecall)

Tell them about your results and outcome of your project

Keep them posted throughout the year

If you have a good rapport with the Donor, ask if they know someone who could help your efforts as well with a gift or even an in-kind gift.

Examples of saying Thank you:

Scholarship Reception

Campus Tour

Lunch with your organization

Plaque or certificate