On Campus Catering

By contract, the University has granted a food service vendor the exclusive right and license to sell and manually dispense food, confections and beverages, including alcoholic beverages, on campus.

The University recognizes that campus organizations have limited resources available for use in obtaining food services for their events. However, the intent of the contract clause mentioned above is to guarantee the campus dining contractor the right to "bid" on the provision of food services at campus events. This is a contractual obligation that is central to any food contractor's potential success on campus.

In order to implement these contract provisions in a fair, yet orderly manner, the following procedures have been adopted:

1. Campus organizations are granted the right to provide their own food/beverage for a campus event. By this it is meant that the organization must actually prepare its own food product for dispensing.

2. If a campus organization wishes to serve food prepared by a third party, (i.e., a caterer) the organization is required to obtain a bid for such catering from Campus Dining. If this bid is higher than a bid obtained from a bonafide outside firm to the same level of service, the organization may be granted permission to utilize the service of the outside firm upon presentation of written verification of the third party bid to the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities. Student organizations are not allowed to sell on campus food prepared by a third party which directly competes with food available through the food service vendor.

3. Campus organizations are free to utilize outside catering for any event which Campus Dining waives its right to service.

4. When an organization requests catering from Campus Dining for an event, the organization must state fully what food items will be served. Campus Dining will be under no obligation to partially cater an event (i.e., coffee served by Campus Dining and cookies baked by the organization).

Sale of Food on Campus

University of the Incarnate Word, by contract, grants exclusive right to sell food and beverage to the Campus Dining operator. Contract provisions, however, do allow exceptions under the following guidelines:

1. Only registered student organizations, faculty, academic program groups, or other registered University organizations may conduct a food sale.

2 Signs indicating the name of the selling organization must be posted at the site of the food sale activity.

3. Food sale items are generally limited to non-commercially produced cookies, candies, cakes, donuts, etc. that are not presently being sold by Campus Dining. Foods that require heating may not be sold unless such sales met the requirements of the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.

4. Persons distributing food on campus are responsible for cleaning up any litter that results from the sale.

5. Food may only be sold in predetermined locations, approved by the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities.

6. Student organizations should follow the guidelines published by the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District to avoid the possibility of food poisoning (Form M).