Common denominators of success

Studies on high achievement behaviour have shown there are six common denominators of success for any person, team or institution striving for success.

See the Vision 

As a team you must see the goal you want clearly, and share the commitment to achieve it. Then turn it into reacheable, measurable objectives with time lines and action plans. 

Share the Vision 

Communicate the vision to your team on campus, to your communitites, alumni and donors. Establish communication links and maintain them. Communication means effective public relationships and personal contact. This requires planning, training and follow up. 

Manage the Funds 

Manage the funds with skill and integrity. Effective management of resources and of the funds your group brings in will spell the difference between marginal and total success 


Set up a monitoring system at the beginning that gives opportunity for feedback. Self-evaluation keeps efforts on course and focused.

Be Self-Responsible 

This is a key ingredient to the success of your organization

Keep a Positive Mental Attitude 

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