Areas To Consider

The following areas should be considered when planning publicity for an activity or event.

A. Audience: To whom is the program and publicity targeted?

B. Timing: When should publicity be released? Should it all go at once, or be specially timed? Consider time for poster design, ad deadlines, etc.

C. Location: Where are the traffic patterns?

D. Type: flyers, posters, electronic message board, newspaper?

E. Information: Is the message perfectly clear?

F. Coordination: Who will be responsible for what and when?

G. Response: Is printed material done well enough to attract attention? Will it stick in people's minds?

H. Budget: Is the projected response worthy of the expense? Is the publicity budget a realistic one?

I. Support: Does the organization support the entire event?

J. Communication: Talk, Talk, Talk . . . up your event!!!

Highest Degree Of Effectiveness

The most effective approach to publicizing a program is through a variety of methods that will work well together and complement each other. These may include the use of graphics, displays, live exhibitions, and objects not usually used for publicity, but related in some way to the program. Enthusiasm and interest are much more easily generated if a creative approach to publicity is used. Unique, fresh, and clever methods of promotion are usually more fun, will rally more support, and if done in a sophisticated manner, will sell almost any programming.