The Word Today

The Word Today is an internal publication provided by the Public Relations Office located in the Brackenridge Villa. Items for inclusion may be submitted to the Public Relations Office after approval from the SCLA . Upcoming events will be listed under the calendar section for that week, or under Student News, depending on the date of the event.

This email is an effective way to notify the UIW community of noteworthy happenings in your organization. Submissions can be delivered to Public Relations, or faxed to 829-6068 or e-mailed to and


The Logos, the campus newspaper, is distributed every three weeks. A publication schedule identifying publication dates and copy deadlines for contributors can be obtained by contacting the Logos office at 829-3964. The Logos welcomes contributions from student organizations and will make every effort to publish submitted material. Please prepare news releases in the following manner:

1. TYPE- double space on 8 2 x 11 paper using one side of the paper only and a 60 character line. Leave top 1/3 of the paper blank with wide margins.

2. Write full name, telephone number and date in upper left hand corner of first page of copy.

3. Under your name indicate a "slug" (one or two word description of story) for the story, and indicate the "slug", your last name, and page number on subsequent pages of story.

4. Important elements of a story (preferably found in the first two paragraphs):
Who? Where? Why? What? When? How?

5. Double check all facts and information and check the spelling of names.

6. Submit all material by copy deadline date. Include picture etc. when available
(pictures must be black and white and at least 5" x 7").

If requested, the Logos will make every effort to cover special events, but cannot promise to do so.


The Public Relations Office will help organizations plan and implement publicity outside of the University for large scale events. Publicity for events which involves press releases, articles, and advertising in newspapers, radio, and TV are required to be publicized in coordination with the Public Relations Office. These types of events could include major speakers (local or national), major workshops, and large fund raisers.

Public Relations can be supportive of your organization's publicity efforts by offering suggestions and ideas of ways to reach neighboring communities as well as greater San Antonio. This office should be approached during the planning stages of the publicity scheme, usually at least 6-8 weeks in advance. For more information or questions concerning how, when, and why, organization's should contact the Public Relations Office or talk with the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities.


The SCLA e-newsletter, titled What's the Word, is published every Friday. It is an ideal way to reach members of student organizations with events, programs, and information. Please contact the Assistant Director of Leadership Activities for deadline dates.


An electronic message board is located at the Student Center Desk in the Student Center. Organizations may submit information about programs, meetings and upcoming activities for display to the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities.


The Media Services Department can enlarge posters. Poster enlargements must be paid by the student organization.