Communicating with Advisors

Your advisor is a valuable resource for your organization. You can learn a lot from your advisor and the advisor can help you have a successful year. They also provide the continuity from year to year and can help to make your transition easier. When we don't know who the organization leadership is, we communicate through your advisor.

At the Advisor's Workshop that was held in August, I was really impressed with how nice all the advisors are and how much they want to do a good job as an advisor.

To have a successful year, you need to build an open, honest reltaionship with your advisor. The advisor is someone you can go to with your concersn. The advisor can help you navigate the UIW system and can offer you many good suggestions.

The first thing to establish is open communication. If you haven't done so already, set up a meeting with your advisor and discuss the following:

1) Your expectations of the advisor. Your advisor needs to know your needs.

2) The advisor's expectations of you.

3) How the advisor wants you to interact with him/her.

4) How you want the advisor to interact with you.

5) Your goals for the year - personally as a leader and for the organization. Make sure that you understand and are being understood. Ask questions.

Ask your advisor to be involved and invite them to attend meetings, events, etc. (There are some things that they must attend). They want to be helpful to you. They try to take cues from you as to their level of involvement. Ask your advisor to provide a training/info session for your leadership group.

Always use professional courtesy; return messages, keep appointments and hand in paperwork on time. Give enough time for activity approvals. (Advisors should not sign off on anything they feel uncomfortable about).

Keep your advisor informed!

Remember to show your appreciation.