Guidelines for Writing Bylaws
Power to create bylaws is usually given in the constitution and represents a rule book for day-to-day procedures. Generally, the constitutions establish the broad structure and format of an organization and the bylaws spell out the process and procedures to attain the goals and implement the structural format. Items such as the specifics of the nomination process for officers, the exact amount of dues, and the dues collection procedures, the specifics of committee operation, fundraising operations, etc. are best left to the bylaws.


Article I
The number of members needed to constitute a quorum
Article II
Rules for conducting elections
Article III
Procedure for filling an office that has been vacated
Article IV
Procedure for amending the by-laws
Article V
Definition of the rules of order for conducting business
Article VI
Procedure for dealing with delinquent members and officers
Article VII
Method of spending funds
Article VIII
Article IX
Time and place of meetings

Signatures of the president and faculty/staff advisor and date of adoption should appear at the end of the Bylaws.