Need an idea? one of the most effective ways to generate ideas is called brainstorming. This technique can yield some outstanding ideas. Some of the most creative and bets ideas come through people working together. The adages of "two heads are better than one" and "The more the merrier" are true in the realm of creative thinking. Some people seem to have a special talent for creativity. Recruit these people and tap their brainpower.

Brainstorming is the free expression of ideas without evaluation of those ideas. Any group of people can use this process, but the most successful brainstorming sessions follow the system. The group leader states the problem of project for which ideas or solutions are sought. The group should be clear as to the reason for brainstorming and the background for the task. The most successful brainstorming groups will abide my come basic ground rulesl When everyon in the group undestands the rules of group understand the rules of your "brainstorm session" and what they are to brainstorm, someone should be appointed to write down all the ideas which are generated. Usually a five-to-ten minute period is sufficient to generate a great number of ideas.

Evaluation comes only after as many ideas as possible in a specific area are achieved. Then the group goes back over the list to determine which projects or ideas are bvaluable and merit money and time.

The groups should examine carefully the list of "best" projects and ideas gleaned from the brainstorming process. Be certain to ask questions of which method or combination of methods would yield the most effective publicity for the time, energy, and money invested. An additional brainstorm can be held to elaborate on those specific projects in which the committee is interested or those which look promising. 

Brainstorming Ground Rules 

1) Every idea is acceptable

2) There should be no evaluation

2) The quality of ideas is main goal of session.

4) "Hitchhiking," "piggy-backing" or building on other ideas or contributions is most desireable.

5) A time limit for the brainstorming is set. 

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