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Student Center Exhibitor Policy

The Office of the Student Center and Leadership Activities abides by the following guidelines in managing exhibits in the UIW Student Center:

Approval Requirements

  • All exhibits must be consistent with the University mission and policies.
  • Approval is at the discretion of the Director of the Student Center and Leadership Activities.  Some businesses have an exclusive agreement with the University to market on campus, which excludes other similar businesses.
  • Forty-eight (48) hours notice is required for approvals.  Acceptable exhibits will be approved as time and space allow.
  • Vendor Table Information must be completed and returned before table will be reserved.


An individual or group that is exhibiting must pay the specified fee or be sponsored by a registered student organization.  A student organization may use a vendor for a fundraising venture by making all such arrangements directly with the vendor.  The student group must also submit a completed Activity Approval Form to Campus Life.

Type of Organization



Commercial Entities

Sales, promotions

$40 per table; $20 per table if a UIW student business; or % of sales to sponsoring student organization


Student employment opportunities

No Charge

Nonprofit and UIW student organizations


No Charge

*Recruitment exhibits must be arranged through Career Services, 829-3931.


  • Payment is due in full at the beginning of the exhibit day.
  • Make payments to the Student Center desk in cash or with checks made payable to UIW.  The charge for returned checks is $35.00.  Credit cards are not accepted.
  • All exhibits will be conducted during Campus Life Office Hours.  Monday through Thursday 8 am – 6 pm, Friday 8 am – 5 pm.

Setup and Takedown

  • The Student Center will provide a table and two chairs.  With advance notice, an extension cord and electrical outlet are usually available.
  • The exhibit must not interfere with other exhibits, events, or Student Center traffic.
  • Exhibits must be set up and removed at the agreed upon times.
  • Tables reserved through the Student Center will be set up in the Student Center or Administration Building Basement.  Only one table is allowed in the Administration Building Basement.
  • Vendors are not permitted to bring their own tables. One rack may be setup behind the table.


  • Sales are limited to the table area in the Student Center.  Vendors may not solicit individual offices on campus.
  • No hawking or calling out is allowed anywhere on campus.
  • Any activity which conflicts with the agreed-upon purpose of the exhibit, the rules of exhibiting, or the rules of the Student Center will be grounds for removal from the UIW campus.
  • No credit card applications are allowed on the UIW campus.
  • Information may be made available on tables, but exhibitors may not hand out information to passing students.


  • The exhibit area must be left in the same condition in which it was found.
  • The University of the Incarnate Word is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Upon arrival, a Table Permit will be issued.  Permit must be prominently displayed at all times, and returned to the Student Center Desk at the end of the day.

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