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Speakers for Achievement and Success

Speakers for Achievement and Success

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The speakers invited are intended to appeal to a broad audience and supplement students' classroom experiences. Bringing the speakers to campus allows students and faculty to listen to and interact with speakers who would not normally be available to them. The committee urges faculty to integrate the lectures into their curriculum. The hope is that faculty will introduce books or other resources related to the speaker's topic in their classes. Then the students are able to hear the speaker in person and ask questions. The interest and questions generated from attendance can then be taken back into the classroom for further processing.


Spring 2012

Dewey Bozella

Spring 2010

Sex & the Soul By Donna Freitas

Fall 2009

Amethyst Initiative

Spring 2009

Expectation Hangover with Christine Hassler

Fall 2008

Clint Swindall: Engaged Leadership: Pursuit of a Balanced Life

Spring 2008

Tim Duffy: Living a Life of Leadership

Fall 2007

Ruthie Alcaide, Real World Hawaii: Alcohol & Diversity

Spring 2007

Dion Jordan: If You're Not Going to Live Your Dream, Whose Dream Are You Going to Live?

Fall 2006

Panel: What's on the Web About You?

Spring 2006

Jonathan Sprinkles: Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

Fall 2005

Dr. Robert Ludnig, Loyola University: Faith in Action: Catholic Identity and Community Involvement

Spring 2005

Dr. Patrick McCormick: Jesus' Table Manners: A Radical Call to Hospitality, Friendship, and Service

Fall 2004

Catholic Responses to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic

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