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New Student Organizations


No organization shall discriminate in membership or activities on the basis of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin and/or handicap.  Purposes and activities of a registered student organization must not conflict with the purposes and regulations of the University of the Incarnate Word, including its mission.  All officers of the organization must be registered students. A majority of the members of a registered student organization must be registered University of the Incarnate Word full or part-time students. Participation of faculty and staff is encouraged.  Failure to follow all applicable campus, state and/or federal policies, procedures, or statutes may result in the suspension of loss of any or all benefits as a registered student organization.

Review the following guidelines for starting a new student organization:

  • Meet with the Student Organizations Coordinator to review the approval process and application materials.

  • Necessary paperwork must be completed and/or revised if necessary:

    New Student Organization Application
    Constitution and Bylaws (electronic and hard copy)
    Student Membership Roster
    Agency Account Authorization

  • Review guidelines for writing the constitution and bylaws of the organization.

  • At least eight (8) student members must be listed on the Student Membership Roster.

  • One of your members, the SGA Representative, is required to attend bi-weekly Student Government Association General Assemblies.

  • The purpose and activities of the organization must be presented to the student body at a designated General Assembly.

  • New Student Organizations are approved by the Student Government Association, the Student Organizations Coordinator, the Director of the Student Center & Leadership Activities and the Dean of Campus Life.

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