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Q: How can I get more information about the UIW Cheerleaders and UIW Dance Team tryouts?
A: The best way to receive the most up to date information is to visit, email, or call (210) 283-6406. You can also visit all social media @UIWSpirit

Q: What are the sizes of the teams?
A: The co-ed cheerleading team will have 16-24 members. The dance team will have 10-16 members.

Q: Do you offer scholarships?
A: Scholarships are available.  $750 a semester (Fall '18 and Spr '19) will be awarded to members who tryout in the Spring 2018. 

Q: How many hours a week on average to members spend in cheer/dance activities?
A: Members usually spend about 12 hours a week in practice, not including games, performances, appearances, etc. A mandatory specialized practice may also be required for cheer and dance, depending on the skill level of the members (i.e. tumbling class, technique class, etc.)

Q: What sports do you cheer/dance for?
A: UIW Spirit performs at home events for volleyball, football, women’s and men’s basketball, occasional women’s and men’s soccer, school functions, and outside appearances. Occasional out of town games or tournaments may become mandatory.

Q: What are my financial obligations?
A: UIW Spirit team members will receive free Adidas practice gear, shoes, bows, sweats, etc.  Uniforms will be issued and returned at the end of the year. Members who quit or removed after the fall will be responsible to pay for any issued items. Competition will have to be fundraised.

Q: Do I need an invitation to attend a tryout session?
A: No! Simply mail your completed application material and fee to:

UIW Spirit Program
Melissa Martinez, UIW Athletics
CPO 440
4301 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209

Q: If I can’t make it to tryouts, can I send in a video tape?
A: If you cannot attend please contact the coach.

Q: When and where are tryouts?
A:  For specific dates see the Tryout Information page.  Cheer Tryouts   Dance Tryouts

Q: What are the minimum requirements to tryout for the UIW cheerleading team?
A: Tumbling: backhandspring, standing series, jumps to a backhandspring, running series, standing and running tuck variations, specialty passes
Girl’s stunting: Flyers: One-legged stunts (all variations), full down, switch up/ticktock, full down from all positions
Bases: Advanced knowledge of all positions (main, side and back spot)
Boy’s tumbling: Not required but helpful.
Boy’s stunting: single base or group stunt

Q: Is there a height and weight requirement for cheer or dance?
A: We do not have a height and weight requirement but we do require all members to maintain a good physique in order to participate in such a demanding sport.

Q: Is there a height and weight requirement for Red the Cardinal?
A: Red the Cardinal must not be shorter than 5'6" and not taller than 6'2".  Weight is not a factor as long as the member looks good in the costume and able to execute all requirements in the suit.

Q: Will there be mats to tumble and stunt on during tryouts?
A: For safety, we always practice on mats, especially when attempting new skills. For tryouts, we will have mats out so we can safely stunt and help eliminate the risk of anyone being injured during the tryout process. However, since majority of our sports are on gym floor, you WILL be asked to attempt certain skills on the gym floor.

Q: When are mascot tryouts held?
A: Mascot interest should be directed to the coach.

Q: When and where is cheer/dance camp?
A: The UIW Cheerleaders will attend a mandatory NCA/NDA collegiate camp in July. There will be one weekend practice in June and the week before camp. Dance team will attend a dance intensive in July. 

Q: When can I take summer school?
A: It is best to take the 1st summer session to not interrupt practices and camp during 2nd session.

Q: When can I take a vacation?
A: There will be a weekend practice in June. Practices will begin one week before camp. Practice starts again the week before school begins. Fall practice starts the week before school beings. Once the fall semester begins, UIW Spirit members are considered student-athletes and any vacations MUST be cleared through the coach prior. Final exams are in December but UIW Spirit members will continue to cheer and dance during the winter break. Members will return to practice a week before school begins in early January.

Q: When do we get off for Spring Break?
A: Spring break varies year to year due to competition or the NCAA tournament. DO NOT make plans until dates for practice or NCAA Tournament have been set.

Q: Do the UIW cheerleaders or dancers compete at nationals?
A: Competition is determined by team size and coaches review. UIW Spirit may attend the NCA/NDA Collegiate Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL in April or a smaller competition.

Q: Can I just be part of the competition squad?
A: No. Competition team is chosen from the current team and tryout for the team will be by invitation only.

Q: Who runs practices?
A: All practices are run by the coaching staff, strength and conditioning coach and captains.

Q: How can I book a cheerleader, dance and/or Red the Cardinal appearance?
A: You may fill out a completed Spirit Request Form, call the office at (210) 283-6406, or email