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Use of Office Supplies and Equipment

               Osteopathic medical students may access printers and office supplies specifically designated for
               their use in Buildings 2, 3, and 4. Learner-specific ID codes will facilitate billing for printing.
               Learners are to provide their own pens, pencils, paper and laptops for taking notes and exams.

               Use and Maintenance of Equipment

               All learners are required to properly use and maintain equipment in the  classrooms, halls,
               laboratories, lounges, and other spaces within the UIWSOM. Learners are responsible to report
               any equipment that needs repair to the Office of Student Affairs as soon as possible.

               Policy on Audio and Videotaping

               All classrooms and breakout rooms in Building 4 are equipped with video  cameras which may be
               used for recording all learning and assessment activities. The administration of the SOM has the
               authority to audio and/or video record educational sessions for the education and development of
               faculty and learners.  Learners can expect that any educational session may be audio and/or video
               recorded.  These recordings are not to be shared with others and cannot be posted on any media
               site unless explicit written consent is obtained  from individuals involved.  Learners are  NOT
               permitted to audio or video record sessions at the UIWSOM for personal use.

               Admissions and Enrollment Requirements
               Information for admission to the UIWSOM and application process can be found on the website.
               The UIWSOM participates in the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
               Application Service (AACOMAS). The application instruction guide is provided on the
               AACOMAS website.

               Applicants and learners must meet the legal standards to be licensed to practice medicine in
               Texas. As such, students for admission must acknowledge and provide written explanation of
               any felony offense or disciplinary action taken against them prior to matriculation in the
               UIWSOM. In addition, should the learner be convicted of any felony offense while in medical
               school, the learner agrees to immediately notify the Associate Dean for Student Affairs as to the
               nature of the conviction. Failure to disclose prior or new offenses can lead to rescinding the offer
               of admission, disciplinary action, or dismissal.

               All osteopathic medical students are required to meet the essential functions and requirements
               throughout enrollment as described in the Technical Standards section of this Student Handbook.
               Learners who have or develop a health condition that affect their ability to meet the technical
               standards will be expected to seek and continue treatment under the care of a physician in order
               to meet the technical standards.  The DO Student Progress Committee reviews each of these to
               determine status of their continued enrollment.

               Should the learner have or develop a condition or disability that would pose any health or safety
               risk to patients, self, or others and cannot be easily managed with a reasonable accommodation,

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