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Student Spotlight

Check out this article by Kaitlyn Hennessey featuring some of our first year medical students and UIWSOM faculty: Realities of a Ride-Along and Mental Health in Medicine

kaylyn snook

Published Class of 2021 UIWSOM Learner, Kaylyn Snook, co-wrote an article with Dr. Thomas Schlenker and Dr. Anil Mangla on how UIW is using vaccination drives to help prevent cancer. Check out the article here.

"Kaylyn Snook is a second-year medical student at the University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine. She has an interest in preventative and community health and was part of a major drive to provide education and discuss the benefits of HPV vaccination while completing her masters in biomedical science. Snook has researched Chagas disease with faculty members focusing on both the clinical and mechanistic biochemistry of the parasite."

marc nicholes

Class of 2021 Learner, Marc Nicholes, inspired his father to return to military service as an emergency medicine physician. Check out the article here.

"It was cool seeing my dad being proud of putting the uniform back on again, and get back out there to serve the Soldiers that need medical care," said Marc, who recalls being a young child when his father last put on the uniform. "Being able to give him the oath is an honor I don't think a lot of sons get to have with their dads just because of the way it normally works, you know."

catherine osterman

UIWSOM OMSII Catherine Osterman has been invited to present in the Clinical Vignette Poster Competition of the Texas State ACP Chapter Meeting in Austin on November 17th.

Ms. Osterman is one of fifty medical students selected statewide to participate in this year’s competition. Dr. Vincent Fonseca is the faculty advisor for her abstract entitled: Ticked Off: A Case of Delayed Hypersensitivity to Red Meat.