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DO 2021 Student Government Association

 DO 2021 SGA

(from left to right)
Krystal Lynn Kwong, Shelby  Brown, Ahmad Omar Hadri, Ste’Von Anthony Voice, Sioned Kay Kirkpatrick. Kayla Floyd, Giselle Ricoy, Channing Williams, Catherine Ku, Linh Luong


Welcome to the UIWSOM DO Class of 2021 page. We are so excited to learn and serve with you!

The DO Class of 2021 President and Vice President are the UIWSOM representatives  of COSGP, which allows them to collaboarte and learn with other osteopathic medical schools to help them identify and impliment new stratgies and opporutnies for their class in an ever changing profession.  

Have a comment of a concern, submit an SGA Feedback Form and a member of our team will reach out to you. You can also reach us at SOM2021SGA@uiwtx.edu.  


  UIWSOM Student Govenrment Constitution & Bylaws


Sioned Kirkpatrick

Ste'Von Voice

Ahmad Hadri

Catherine Ku


Vice President



Be available to listen to the concerns and accolades of classmates and address the class with issues that affect the entire class.
Oversee all other class council members activities.
Serve as the central point of communication for all class officers.
Serve as a liaison to the executive board.
Bring forth class sentiment to the attention of the SGA class council and the executive board.
Inform the student body about university and SGA issues/activities or delegate such responsibility to an officer.
Give a report of class activities at the SGA meeting.
To aid the President in all duties associated with SGA and to fill in as representation in her/his absence.
Keep a current account of class specific funds
Oversee submission and approval of all class spending
Present up to date budget to class and SGA Treasurer on a timely basis
Attend Finance and Fundraising Committee meetings and be a voting member
Should be familiar with and abide all financial policies set by the Constitution, Office of Student Affairs, and Main Campus.
Serve as a liaison from class council to the entire class
Oversee and regularly monitor the class council email account, as well as record and make available minutes for class council meetings



Kayla         Floyd        

Channing Williams

    Linh        Luong

Giselle Ricoy

Shelby Brown

Krystal Kwong



Resource Representatives  

     Social Chairs    

Act as the direct link between Learners and the faculty at UIWSOM.
 Address issues related to UIWSOM's curriculum, i.e., SIGS, Structures, DOCS, LGS, ECX/CE, and EMT.
 Receive Learner's opinion and concerns about the curriculum – problems, solutions, tests, remediation–and will speak on behalf of the student body to faculty regarding possible curriculum policy changes in response to the student's concerns when they attend curriculum meetings.
OMS-II representatives will serve as members of the Curriculum Committee (DOCS2), Phase 1, and Phase 2.
OMS-I representatives will serve on sub-curriculum meetings, i.e., Phase 1 and Phase 2.         
Serve as members of the Resources Committee.
Convey all valid facility related suggestions and requests made by the class to the Resources Committee of UIWSOM by attending official UIWSOM Resources Committee meetings.
Convey all valid academic related suggestions and requests made by the class to the appropriate personnel.
Monitor and update the class about responses and actions made by the Resources Committee.                                         
Plan, organize, and coordinate social events within or across classes/programs.
Chair the Events Committee.
Work with the Mission Leaders to help identify and organize professional development opportunities.
Act as representatives of the Awards Committee and will assist faculty & staff in identifying award recipients for the Awards Ceremonies.
Organize and collaborate with fellow committees.
Publicize current social events.           



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UIWSOM is a non-profit organziaiton and all donations to the UIWSOM DO Class of 2021 are tax deductable.