OPPI - Osteopathic Principles, Practice and Integration

Mission Statement

The department of Osteopathic Principles, Practices and Integration (OPPI) serves the UIWSOM community by informing the unique perspectives and skills that define osteopathic medical practice to our students, colleagues, patients and health care partners.  We accomplish this through intentional integration of the osteopathic philosophy and manipulative techniques throughout the continuum of medical education.

UIWSOM faculty members collaborate with the OPPI department by incorporating the osteopathic philosophy into all aspects of patient care and education thereby encouraging its understanding and utilization.  Osteopathic medicine has a focus on patient-centered care aimed at detecting and helping the patient solve the cause of a problem and not just alleviate the symptoms.  Osteopathic medicine also encompass the following four tenets:

1.  The human being is a dynamic unit of function composed of a body, mind and spirit.

2.  The body is self-regulating and self-healing.

3.  Structure and function are interrelated.

4.  Rational treatment is based on these principles.


UIWSOM's osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) skills curriculum is integrated as a component throughout the entire curriculum.  Students learn how to incorporate OMT into a clinical practice at the onset of their educational experience.  Through the instructional design, which utilizes a competency-based approach, each student must successfully and safely perform basic osteopathic manipulative treatments in order to graduate. 

The OPPI Department serves the greater San Antonio community through the delivery of hands-on, OMT-based patient care and anticipate operating in various clinical sites including a clinical location at the UIWSOM Brooks City-Base Campus.


Osteopathic Medicine and Wellness

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