Office of Medical and Interprofessional Education


Collaborate with faculty to identify and use evidence-based approaches in medical and interprofessional education that support the development of competent, compassionate, and culturally aware healthcare professionals.


To establish a collaborative teaching and learning environment through integrated technologies.


  • Facilitate and ensure the alignment and quality of accreditation documents and procedures.
  • Advocate the use of evidence-based evaluation methods to continuously monitor and improve programs.
  • Implement and analyze data from high-quality assessment instruments to monitor and improve student performance.
  • Align curricula with national and program competencies and learning outcomes.
  • Implement faculty and professional development programs that support teaching, learning, assessment, evaluation, interprofessionality, and reflective practices.
  • Advocate for collaborative clinical and educational scholarship opportunities across UIWSOM
  • Integrate interdisciplinary evidence-based teaching and learning strategies in the design and delivery of curriculum