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Master of Biomedical Sciences Tuition

Tuition for Master of Biomedical Sciences students matriculating in Fall 2018 (Graduating Class of 2019) are charged each term of enrollment for summer, spring, and fall terms. There is not a difference of tuition for in-state and out-of-state residents. Additional program costs include instruments, textbooks, student fees, computer expense, and personal expenses. 

Once a student is notified of acceptance, he/she is required to pay a non-refundable matriculation fee of $200. Students are also required to submit an additional nonrefundable fee of $105 for the maintenance of the criminal background check and drug screen records prior to matriculation. 

Estimated expenses for 2018-2019 UIW Master of Biomedical Program are listed below. The tuition is determined each semester. Please recognize that the following is provided solely as an estimate to aid your financial planning and all expenses are subject to change. This does not include tuition increase for the Summer 2019 term.

Additional details and itemizations.










University Graduation and Records Fees




Background Check Records Maintenance




UIW Student Health Insurance



Course Fees

$ Pending


Uniforms and equipment







*University fees include technology, student services, fitness, etc. (http://www.uiw.edu/busoff/documents/fy2017tuitionfees0404.pdf)

**All full-time students are required to have health insurance coverage either through the UIW or through another individual or family plan.   Students are required to demonstrate proof of coverage with major medical insurance at levels required by the University.  A student may choose their own personal insurance plan as long as it is comparable in coverage to that offered by the University. Cost of school insurance is for 12 months. 

Additional  Recommended Items

#Cost of computer will depend on student preferences.  Pre-owned computers/laptops must meet specified requirements set by the MBS Program.

Living expenses (housing, transportation, and personal miscellaneous expenses) are estimated at $14,458 for the academic year. 

The clinical year will require travel throughout the South Texas region.  Students may incur additional cost for transportation, room and board depending on the specific clinical rotation site. 

Refund of Institutional Tuition

Students must obtain a signature from the appropriate office and return a withdrawal form to the Office of Graduate Studies before the withdrawal is considered official.

Refunds will be determined after the 100% drop date has ended, after funds are disbursed to your account, or 14 days after the first day of class for the current semester, whichever is later. All refunds are mailed to the primary residence address on file, or the student may sign up for direct deposit (eRefund) through the Business Office. Tuition refunds may be granted in accordance with the following schedule.  

As a requirement set forth by the Department of Education, the Office of Financial Assistance is required to return a percentage of Federal Financial Aid that was disbursed to students who have completely withdrawn from UIW or have stopped attending all classes (unofficial withdrawal). The amount of aid returned is determined by the following formula:

Number of days attended/Total days in the semester - % of Aid? Earned?.

Financial Aid

All potential applicants are encouraged to contact the UIW Financial Aid office to obtain the forms necessary to apply for financial aid.

You should not wait until you have completed your application or been accepted to the program to submit your financial aid application.

Please make sure to visit our frequently asked questions for more information regarding financial aid.

For any other information or to receive the appropriate forms, write or call:

University of the Incarnate Word
Financial Aid
4301 Broadway
CPO 308
San Antonio, TX 78209
Tel. 210-829-6008
Fax 210-283-5053

Other funding information available online: