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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

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The typical central heating and air conditioning system uses a large blower to move heated or chilled air through large air ducts to the many area of a building.  A much more efficient system is a mini-split ductless system that circulates the refrigerant to each room, where a small blower moves the cool or warm air into the room.

The House of CARDS will use a Daikin multi-split ductless system.  The system has one two-ton unit with four zones.  We will have one 15,000 BTU air handler, one 9,000 BTU air handler, and two 7,000 BTU air handlers; it will have one condenser with a S.E.E.R of 17+.


This is a view of a whole-house system from the Daikin Website.