Alamo College Transcript

To successfully request an Alamo College Transcript, follow the steps below.

1. Go to

2. Click on Login to ACES. Then, click on ACES login.

3. Once you have accessed the ACES Login Page, enter your User Name and Password to access your personal student information and click on Login.

4. Click on the Student Tab.

5. Click on Web Services link to be redirected to another page of your personal information.

6. Click on Student & Financial Aid.

7. Click on Student Records.

8. Click on Request Printed Transcript.

9. Input the appropriate information for the destination you wish your transcript to be sent and click Continue.

10. Additional Information is requested to ensure that your transcript(s) reach your desired destination. Click continue when you have completed this section.

11. Fill out the additional Transcript Request Options to complete your request. While you may only request one transcript at a time, if you wish to request more than one transcript, repeat the process. Under the "Print Transcript" drop-down options, you will have the opportunity to have your transcript delayed with the options "Hold for Grades" or "Hold for Degree." Then click continue.

12. A Transcript Request Summary will be presented to you before you submit your official request for you to review the information submitted and ensure that it is correct. If it requires no further modification, click Submit Request.

13. You will be redirected to this page assuring you that your request has been received.

14. To check the status of your transcript(s), follow steps 1 through 7 and then selecting the link labeled "View Status of Transcript Requests." Select the date you ordered the transcript(s) you requested and click Submit to view its status.