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What distinguishes officially sanctioned UIW social media sites from unsanctioned sites?

Officially sanctioned sites are administered by UIW faculty, administrators and students trained in using social media; information found on the sites has therefore been vetted, and can be considered accurate.

What are the benefits of being an officially sanctioned UIW site?

Officially sanctioned sites are listed on the UIW social media directory, making them easier for those interested in the university to find. Many officially-sanctioned UIW social media sites are also cross-linked with one another, meaning that information shared on one site will appear on another, increasing the likelihood it will reach its intended audience.

We have a UIW-associated social media site, and would like to become sanctioned. How do we go about it?

Complete the online request form.

What if I see objectionable content on a UIW social media site?

You may use this form to report it; you may also e-mail or call 210.805.5818 to report it.