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Undergraduate Course Descriptions

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3301 Introduction to Sport Management
Survey and introduction to the field of Sport Management. Topics include types and structures of sports organizations, local to global, quality management, leadership, governance, strategic planning, performance review, information systems, and introduction to sports research.

3302 Human Factors in Sport Management
Overview of individual and organizational dynamics that effect human behavior and performance. Includes value of the individual, self-awareness, motivation, inter-personal skills, teamwork, decisions, ethics and values, organizational communication and culture, and activities.

3303 Seminar in Sports Organizations and Public Market
Organization and promotion of special events. Topics include communication and mass media, marketing and advertising, finance, economics of sports and community impact. Requires service learning component and on-site orientation and activities.

3319 Internship in Sport Management
Requires 140 hours of work in a major sports organization and a project. Prerequisites: 9 hours in Sport Management and permission of instructor.