R.O.T.C. Programs At Uiw

What is Army R.O.T.C.?

Reserve Officer Training Corps, or ROTC, combines courses in military science with summer training opportunities focused on transforming college students into the Army leaders of tomorrow as commissioned officers. The classes are available at hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the nation.

Freshman and Sophomore years:

During the Freshman and Sophomore years of college, cadets tackle the Basic Course, which includes topics like Army Values, first aid, basic land navigation, time management, goal setting, and military customs and courtesies. There is a constant emphasis on leadership development and Cadets begin their initial introduction to military tactics – the vehicle that is used to assess their leadership growth and potential. Through these two first years, cadets typically take these classes as electives and do not have to make a commitment to serve in the Army.

Junior and Senior years:

During the final two years of ROTC, called the Advanced Course, cadets continue to refine their abilities to lead at the squad and platoon level. They learn about Army Leader Ethics, the Army Profession, advanced land navigation skills, and participate in labs that continue to facilitate their leadership development. During the Advanced Course, Cadets will not only lead teams through tactical

situations, they begin to teach, coach, and mentor other Cadets on how to accomplish those tasks. The Advanced Course is the first point at which most cadets must make a commitment to serve.

For students who did not take ROTC during their first two years of college, a compressed version of the Basic Course is available each summer. This 29-day training session, called Basic Camp, gives students a condensed version of the subjects normally taught on campus during the first two years of ROTC.

Upon Graduation:

The reward for all the hard work comes on graduation day — when cadets leave their alma mater as second lieutenants in the U.S. Army. Many of these newly commissioned officers will immediately begin service in the Army. Others, will fulfill their military obligation as citizen-soldiers, through service in the Army National Guard or the Army Reserve.

For more Information

Visit the official Army ROTC web page for further information.