R.O.T.C. Programs At Uiw

About Army R.O.T.C.

What We Offer

UIW Army ROTC presents students with the opportunity to learn and grow in a variety of ways. The program of instruction challenges each cadet in the battalion in both indoor and outdoor settings; cadets participate in classroom instruction while also engaging in world class physical fitness training, land navigation, marksmanship, rappelling, and other military activities. Cadets learn management and leadership skills not available in other University programs. They are also allowed the opportunity to participate in a broad spectrum of internships around the world and to attend Airborne and Air Assault training.

The Experience

Army ROTC experience contributes to a variety of job skills applicable to any profession, career or job, while instilling in each cadet a sense of confidence, discipline, and personal responsibility. Moreover, each cadet gains the satisfaction of being part of a select group of great Americans dedicated to American values and service to the nation.

Military Science Minor (not available at UIW)

While ROTC is a college program focused on developing tomorrow’s leaders, it is not an academic major. ROTC Cadets major in all fields of study from Astrophysics and Exercise Sports Science to Criminology and Biology. At St. Mary’s University, the Cadets are also offered the option of pursuing an academic minor in Military Science. Due to the commitment that students make and the time involved with ROTC, this is a well-deserved opportunity for Cadets to capitalize on the benefit of being recognized for their applied leadership experience gained through the ROTC program.

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To Commission as an Army Officer

There are many routes you can take to commission as a second lieutenant through Army ROTC. You can enter our program as a freshman, sophomore, or once you have at least two years remaining at UIW as an undergraduate or graduate student.

For Enlisted Soldiers

For those who are currently serving in the National Guard or Army Reserves as enlisted soldiers and wish to become officers, we also have the Simultaneous Membership Program.

The Cardinal Company

UIW Army ROTC is a great place to start either for a few years or a full career in uniform, but whatever you do, Army ROTC will teach you leadership excellence for a lifetime.

Although ROTC is a military oriented program, the value of its training is recognized by business leaders. Studies have shown that ROTC graduates have a definite advantage when seeking employment in the civilian sector of the economy.