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Registered nurses will receive 30 hours advanced placement credit for prior nursing education from and accredited college/university after validation of prior learning. Validation of prior nursing knowledge is determined by evaluation of work completed in the first nursing course, Professional Nursing Role. Register nurses who graduated from schools that were not ACEN accredited must show validation of successful completion of the NCLEX and meet UIW's policy on credit from non-accredited schools. 

The following outlines the RN-BSN curriculum and sequencing degree plan:

Total Credit Hours: 120
General Education Requirements: 62
Validation Hours: 30
Nursing requirements:  28

General Education/Prerequisites requirements
ENGL 1311 and 1312, Comp I and II (6)
ENGL 2310, World Literature  (3)
SPCH 1311, Public Speaking (3)
Fine Arts (3)
PHIL 1381, Introduction to Philosophy (3)
Religious Studies (3)
Ethics (3)
Language I and II (6)
History (3)
PSYC 1301, Introduction to Psychology (3)
PSYC 2356, Lifespan Development/Developmental Psychology (3)
MATH 2303, Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3)
*Anatomy and Physiology (6)
*General Chemistry (4) (Any college level  chemistry Course)
*Microbiology with lab (4) (Any college level microbiology course)
Elective (3)
Elective (3)

With the exception DWHP Dimensions of Wellness, and the asterisked courses, general education/prerequisites are consistent with the requirements for the traditional BSN track. *Students transferring in 10 hours of the sciences (any combination) may be substituted for meeting the basic science requirement.

RN-BSN Sequencing Degree Plan

Terms (Fall and Spring)

 Nursing and general education/prerequisites
(Integrated plan)

Term I

NURS 3312, Professional Role (3)

NURS 3317, Information Management and Technology for Nurses (3)

Term II

NURS 3341, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (3)
NURS 4313, Health Assessment  (3)

Term III

NURS 4365, Community Health Nursing (3)
General ED/Prerequisite Course (3)

Term IV

NURS 4265, Community Health Nursing Practicum (2)

General ED/Prerequisite Course (3)

Term V

NURS 4331, Research in Nursing (3)
NURS 4332, Nursing Leadership in Nursing  (3)

Term VI

NURS 4232, Nursing Leadership and Management Practicum (2)
NURS 3322, Issues in Nursing (3)

Term VII

General ED/Prerequisite (3)
Prerequisite (3)


General ED/Prerequisite (3)

General ED/Prerequisite (3)

Total Hours

45-46 hours

The average student will transfer in 44-45 hours of the general education/prerequisites requirements from their basic associate’s degree or diploma curriculum. Some students may transfer in all of the general education requirements, but they must complete 45 hours at UIW to fulfill residence requirements. The remaining hours may be taken prior to starting the nursing program or after completion of the nursing requirements. Students start the nursing program when they take the first nursing course NURS 3312, Professional Nursing Role. Students are not required to complete all general education/prerequisites prior to starting the nursing program. Some students will transfer in less general education hours, thus individualized degree plans are designed for each student which integrates both the nursing requirements and general education/prerequisites into a progression plan which provides progression to program completion.