Rehabilitative Science Home

Program Philosophy

Program Vision

The vision of the Rehabilitative Science Program at the University is to provide excellent instruction and experiences as well as a pathway for students seeking to enter a professional health care program.

Program Mission

To develop future healthcare practitioners who strive for patient-centered care through the utilization of cultural competence, EBP, and inter-professional collaboration.

Program Goals and Outcomes

The program strives to meet the tenets of the University’s mission: education, service, truth, innovation, and faith. Through this program, it will produce well rounded individuals to meet the needs of the community. With this in mind, the program has identified five goals for the program:

Goal 1: Program will provide the rehabilitative science student with an education built upon a foundation of the faith based liberal arts and evidence-based practice that enable the student to utilize theoretical foundations to function effectively in a variety of professional settings.

Goal 2: Program will provide the students with a variety of safe supervised observation, service learning, and professional internship opportunities so the student might understand the roles and responsibilities of health professionals that care for physically active clients.

Goal 3: Program will produce satisfied graduates that continue their education through a professional program and ultimately impact society through employment and service in the health care community.

Goal 4: Program will encourage interprofessional understanding through collaboration, interaction, education, scholarship, and clinical practice with other health care and medical fields.