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NOTE: This information is updated based on current practice of agency requirements


This site provides information about the specific admission and program requirements applying for the program and/or students admitted into the program. Specific questions can be discussed with the program director or academic advisor.

  • Admissions and Program Requirements
  • Applications

    Applicants will apply to the major during the semester in which the prerequisites will be completed. The program admits in the fall and spring semesters. Applications to the program are due to the program director by February 1st (Fall Admission) and September 1st (Spring Admission). Applicants work with an assigned advisor and are required to submit a completed application form. Applications and all support materials must be completed and turned in by deadline to considered. The student must complete the following application after the pre-requisites and requirements are in the process of being completed: Application: "Admission to the Program"

  • Essential Functions

    Essential Functions form must be signed by the student and the medical professional going over health history, immunizations, and completing the physical examination. Students must complete for the following form.

    In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Rehabilitative Science program at the University of the Incarnate Word is committed to providing a supportive, challenging, diverse and integrated environment for all students. In accordance with these federal directives, the University and the Program ensure accessibility to their programs, services and activities for students with documented disabilities. Technical Standards Form

  • Criminal Background Screening

    Criminal background screening is completed on all candidates for the rehabilitative science program. The school will designate a company to do the background screening and will not accept results from any company other than the one designated by the school (UIW uses Precheck). Students pay expenses related to all screening. Link to Precheck for Online Submission of Criminal Background Check

  • Health and Immunization Requirements  

    The program requires that the student is able to meet the physical and mental requirements – with or without reasonable accommodation for the major. The essential functions document, health history record, immunization record, and the physical examination will guide compliance. Documents/Forms

    Health History and Physical Examination

    The program requires students complete a health history and physical examination prior to admission to the first course where observations, service learning, or internship experiences are required. The program recommends an annual updated medical history and physical examination, but requires the form be updated if the health status has changed.


    In compliance with the Health Care Provider terms of TAC 97.64, applicants and students enrolled into the athletic training program are required to complete the following immunizations prior to admission to the first clinical experience course or courses where observations are required:

    • Hepatitis B (3 dose series) - Hepatitis B titer is now a requirement after completion of Hep B series.
    • Measles - Mumps - Rubella (2 dose series)
    • Tetanus - Diphtheria - Pertussis (1 dose Tdap within the last 10 years)
    • Varicella (2 dose series or titer)
    • Tuberculosis skin test or chest x-ray (required annually while in the program)
    • Influenza vaccine (required annually while in the program)

    For the protection of students and clients, the program follows the recommended immunization for health-care professionals from the CDC. If, for any reason, the student is unable to receive any immunizations a physician's statement will be required.

    NOTE: Additional health requirements may be required by some clinical affiliations. 
  • Healthcare Provider CPR  Certification 

    Students must show evidence of having completed the Health Care Provider course in CPR course from either the American Heart Association (BLS for Health care Professionals), or American Red Cross (Emergency Response with CPR for the Professional Rescuer). This requirement is necessary for all students prior to entering the program and then annually thereafter (according to certification requirements).