Kinesiology Courses

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Activity Courses
  • 1101 Archery
  • 1102 Badminton
  • 1103 Bowling
  • 1104 Golf
  • 1105 Basketball
  • 1106 Flag Football
  • 1107 Soccer
  • 1108 Softball
  • 1109 Track and Field
  • 1110 Volleyball
  • 1111 Self Defense
  • 1112 Gymnastics
  • 1113 Physical Conditioning
  • 1114 Weight Training
  • 1115 Ballet I
  • 1116 Basic Rhythms
  • 1117 Folk and Square Dance
  • 1118 Beginning Swimming
  • 1119 Intermediate Swimming
  • 1120 Life Saving
  • 1121 Water Safety Instructor
  • 1122 Water Games
  • 1125 Pilates
  • 1126 Jazzercise
  • 1127 Aerobic Dance
  • 1128 Floor Hockey
  • 1129 Racquetball
  • 1130 Activities for Stress Control
  • 1131 Hiking
  • 1132 Swimming for Fitness
  • 1133 Beginning Tennis
  • 1134 Intermediate Tennis
  • 1135 Rod and Reel
  • 1136 Clogging
  • 1137 Backpacking
  • 1138 Badminton/Racquetball
  • 1139 Yoga
  • 1140 Advanced Yoga
  • 1141 Introduction to Martial Arts
  • 1142 Contemporary Dance
  • 1143 Fencing
  • 1144 Racket Sports
  • 1145 Beginning Social Dance (Level 1)
  • 1146 Country and Western Dance
  • 1147 Tai Chi
  • 1148 Exercise with Instructor
  • 1149 Rock Climbing
  • 1150 Kickboxing
  • 1151 Boot Camp
  • 1152 Kayaking
  • 1153 Salsa Aerobic Dance
  • 1154 Hip Hop
  • 1155 Aerobic Cycling
  • 1156 Aerobic Waking
  • 1157 Running
  • 1160 Military Physical Fitness

1190 Activity Lab
Testing and assessment of motor skills used in individual and team sports. Recommendations for further development of proficiency in selected skills will be made as a result of the course evaluation (Fall).

2301 Tests and Measurement
Principles of measurement, statistical concepts, and standardized tests of performance-related and health-related fitness.

3110 Middle School Physical Education
A view of middle school physical education students and movement programs to enhance motor performance and health-related performance (Taught as needed).

3301 Motor and Fitness Development for Children
Motor development, physical fitness, rhythmic activities, tumbling skills, and perceptual awareness skills and their application to child development (Prerequisite: All Level Physical Education Majors Only).

3302 Motor and Fitness Development for Pre-Adolescents
Further sequential development of motor skills, physical fitness, rhythmic activities, and tumbling skills (Prerequisite: All Level Physical Education Majors Only).

3305 Motor Development, Fitness, and Health
An overview of the impact of motor and physical fitness development upon children from birth to pre-adolescence. Activities to enhance motor development and provide a healthy lifestyle.

3307 Worksite Health Promotion
Students will design and implement interventions that generate improvements in workers' health and business performance.

3312 Motor and Fitness Development for Adolescents
Further sequential development of motor skills and physical fitness that foster the knowledge and skills needed for developing an active lifestyle and lifetime sports activities. (Prerequisite: All Level Physical Education Majors Only).

3314 Principles of Coaching 
Practical application of coaching theories including coaching techniques and officiating.

3315 Principles of Health
The purpose of this course is to prepare students on how to develop and present health concepts reflective of the educational standards using theories related to the health behavioral change approach.

3350 Theory of Movement Forms: Analysis and Construction
The interrelationship of kinematics and kinetics of motion. Physiological and psychological development of the child in relation to learning neuromuscular activities.

3371 Care and Prevention of Injuries
Basic first aid theory and skills. Techniques for the care and prevention of athletic injuries, including CPR.

3410 Motor and Fitness Development for Adolescents
Further sequential development of motor skills and physical fitness. Knowledge and skill for developing leisure and lifetime sports activities. Practical application of coaching theories including coaching techniques and officiating.

4301 Principles of Human Movement
The humanistic foundations of movement with emphasis on history and philosophy. A study of the impact of motor learning, exercise physiology and biomechanics upon human physical performance (Prerequisite PEHP 3301 or PEHP 3302 or PEHP 3410).

4333 Fundamentals of Human Performance
The theoretical study and practical application of exercise through an understanding of the metabolic and energetic process. To include topics which impact performance such as body composition, nutrition, training, environment, aging, disease, and substance abuse.

4345 Psychomotor Development: Educational Implications
Normal psychomotor development and study of the range of planned motor development and physical conditioning activities for young children and persons exhibiting delays in motor abilities.

4395 Practical Experience (For Non-Certification and Personal Training Tracks)