Kinesiology - Graduate Course Descriptions

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KEHP 6350 Current Trends and Issues in Sport and Physical Education
Examination of current research concerning teaching physical education and coaching athletic teams. Topics addressed may include ethical and legal issues involving the curriculum, student assessment, program assessment, technology, role conflict, national and state standards and laws. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

KEHP 6360 Advanced Test and Measurements
Advanced principles of traditional and authentic assessment, measurement, statistical concepts, and research methodology.

KEHP 6377/7377 Instructional Development in Physical Education
Development of curriculum design and instructional methods to meet the developmental needs of learners from preschool through high school. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

KEHP 6378 Biomechanics in Human Performance
An overview of the laws and principles of human motion. Emphasis on analysis of sport movement with an application to the teaching and learning of motor skills. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

KEHP 6379/7379 Adapted Physical Activity and Sport
Physical education, motor and fitness development, and athletics for atypical individuals. Particular attention to the home, school, sports center, and organized sports and athletics. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

KEHP 6381 Topics in Exercise Physiology and Fitness
Current issues concerning exercise physiology, fitness and overall wellness. Attention to student assessment, motivation, and prescription. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

KEHP 63CS Capstone in Physical Education
A capstone course that brings together the several experiences mastered by the graduate student. The course examines contemporary issues of leadership, ethics, and issues of professionalism facing the educators of tomorrow. Prerequisite: must be taken in last six hours of graduate program and requires permission of Program Advisor.