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Course Descriptions for Post MSN to DNP (APRN) Track

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NURS 7340 Theoretical Issues with Culturally Diverse and Vulnerable Population Groups

Provides an opportunity to analyze social and cultural factors affecting health using the concepts of the gradient effect in health and social capital. Students will identify a health issue or problem of interest affecting a specific sub-population and analyze the social and cultural factors (such as ethnic/racial/economic disparities, medical bureaucracies, migration) affecting health in the target population and examine one legislative policy affecting the population of interest.

NURS 7345 Foundations of DNP I: Scientific Underpinnings

Analysis and application of complex adaptive systems theory to the health care delivery system with emphasis on nursing leadership. This course includes 64 supervised clinical hours.

ST 7399 Research Methods for DNP

This course is taken as the first DNP course.  It provides an overview of qualitative and quantitative research processes and designs; prepares nurses to read, interpret and synthesize current knowledge on a topic relevant to evidence-based nursing practice with an emphasis on critique methodology, research design, instrumentation and statistical techniques utilized in research studies. The prerequisite  for this course is the completion or concurrent enrollment in a graduate level statistics course.

NURS 7650 Evidence Based Methods and Practice I

Foundations of evidence-based practice methods and skills in the clinical role. This course includes 128 supervised clinical hours.

NURS 7335 Epidemiology for Advanced Nursing Practice 
The course will focus on advanced principles of epidemiology and the use of epidemiological techniques and analysis by doctorally prepared nurses in monitoring population health and evaluating delivery of care to promote optimal health care outcomes.

NURS 7655 Evidence Based Practice and Methods II

Further development and implementation of the clinical leadership role of the advanced practice nurse in a patient-centered complex health care delivery system. This course includes 192 supervised clinical hours.

NURS 7365 Doctor of Nurse Practice II: Capstone

This course is the capstone course for the DNP program: implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of an evidence based scholarly project specific to a population of interest within an organization of the health care delivery system. This course includes 96 supervised clinical hours.

NURS 7360 Health Policy Analysis

Designed to be taken concurrently with DNP II-Capstone. An outcome of the course is the preparation of a health policy brief based on analysis and alternative recommendations for bettering the health of citizens.