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Careers in Community Health

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Career opportunities for those with Community Health Education degrees include:

AIDS Educator
Alcohol Educator/Counselor
Cancer Information Specialist
Cardiac Rehab Specialist
Case Manager
Community Health Educator
Community Outreach Coordinator
Community Organizer
Community Services Director
Corporate Fitness Coordinator
Cultural Competency Trainer
Diet Counselor
Director of Volunteers
Disability Evaluator
Domestic Violence Educator
Drug Counselor
Drug Rehabilitation Specialist
Eligibility Specialist
Employee Assistance Program Director
Environmental Advocate
Environmental Educator
Events Coordinator
Family Life Educator
Family Planning Counselor
Family Services Specialist
Fitness Counselor
Head Start Health Specialist
Health Advocate
Health and Safety Specialist
Health and Wellness Coordinator
Health Education Director
Health Counselor
Health Education Coordinator
Health Education Specialist
Health Educator
Health Information Specialist

Health Marketing Coordinator
Health Promotion Programmer
Health Resource Specialist
Health Workshop Instructor
Healthy Start Coordinator
High School Teacher, Health
Health Media Consultant
International Health Worker
Lactation Consultant
Occupational Health and Safety Director
Patient Education Coordinator
Patient Educator
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Prevention Program Director
Program Resource Coordinator
Protective Services Worker
Public Health Inspector
Rape Prevention Educator
Recruitment and Training Director
Rehabilitation Counselor
Safety Educator
Senior Services Coordinator
Social Services Coordinator
Support Services Supervisor
Teen Outreach Coordinator
Teen Parent Educator
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Wellness Coordinator
Wellness Consultant
Women's Health Director
Women's Shelter Director
Worksite Safety Educator
Youth Educator
Youth and Family Counselor
Youth Outreach Coordinator
Youth Program Specialist