Traditional BSN Track

Promotion and Retention Requirements

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Promotion and Retention Requirements

Students must maintain satisfactory standards to progress in the nursing program and must be recommended by nursing faculty for promotion and eligibility to graduate. Requirements include:

  • A minimum grade of C (75) is required in all nursing courses. In general, satisfactory completion of nursing courses in one semester is required before enrolling in subsequent semesters. Nursing courses are taken in sequence according to the degree plan.
  • Students who withdraw or receive a final grade of D or F in a nursing course for the first time will be allowed to repeat the course after formal review by the Nursing Student Affairs Committee. The committee will consider academic performance in other courses, recommendations of faculty, and space availability in the course.
  • To remain in the program after review and retention by the Nursing Student Affairs Committee the student must:
    • Adhere to the UIW student code
    • Demonstrate a pattern of safe clinical practice commensurate with the educational experience
    • Demonstrate behaviors and attitudes expected of professional nurses
    • Comply with Nursing Student Affairs Committee directives as described in the letter of retention.
  • Students who receive two grades of D or F or two withdrawals (W) in nursing courses or a combination of D or F and a withdrawal will not be eligible to continue in the program, even if the student has already repeated one of the courses and received a grade of C or above.  Students will be notified by the Dean of the School of Nursing of ineligibility to continue in the nursing program. A petition process is outlined in the UIW BSN Student Handbook.
  • As part of the preparation for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), nursing students in their final semester of study in the traditional BSN program are required to achieve a satisfactory score(s) on comprehensive diagnostic examination(s) in order to receive approval for graduation.