Program Information

Professional Phase Costs

Students are required to pay a course fee for each clinical course that covers NATA student membership, uniforms for the semester, and clinical/lab supplies required by the student. This course fee is included in the tuition costs. Needlestick and professional liability insurance is also provided to the student at no additional cost.

Athletic training students will also be responsible for transportation to various clinical assignments. Currently, students will spend at least one semester in an off campus or high school setting and in a general medical rotation. Off campus and high school locations are typically matched by student interest and location. The general medical rotation requires travel to medical clinics located in San Antonio. A separate college experience may be required at Trinity University located 1 mile from the main UIW campus As a part of clinical agreements with our agency partners, students will be required to maintain current immunizations, which may result in a minimal cost to the student. A CPR refresher course will be offered to the students to keep them current with this requirement. There may be a fee associated with this course.