Program Information

Clinical Education

NOTE: Students admitted before Fall 2012 must complete a minimum of 1800 hours of clinical field experience spread out over six semesters.


  • Clinical Education Plan

    The Athletic Training Program requires each student to complete a minimum of 1200 clock hours of clinical field experience spread out over four semesters. Observation and service learning hours do not count as part of the 1200 clock hour requirement. The hour requirement meets the needs established by the guidelines of the Board of Certification, Inc. and the Texas Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers; and provides the student with a foundation of athletic training experiences related to the domains of the profession.

    The clinical experience component is designed to provide the student with a variety of settings for observation and directed practice of the competencies and proficiencies learned in the athletic training curriculum. Throughout the clinical component of the program, students are expected to observe the certified athletic trainer or health care provider and allowed to practice skills in which they have been determined proficient by the athletic training faculty in the didactic portion of the program. The concept of the program is for the student to be led through their clinical experiences in order to develop a strong foundational knowledge and then to build on that foundation. The clinical preceptor is key for providing the student with hands on experience and sharing practical information about the athletic training profession. The student should consider the clinical experience courses as lab time to practice the skills developed in the didactic theory classes.

    Most of the field experiences take place during the observation and directed practice in athletic training facilities within local interscholastic, intercollegiate, and professional facilities in the San Antonio area. The student also gains field experience by observing and participating with clinical preceptors in physical therapy clinics, physician offices, community health organizations, other allied health settings, as well as experience in simulated practice facilities in the San Antonio area.

    Students must be approved for placement and enrolled in one of the following clinical courses to participate in clinical education:

    • ATHP 3270 Athletic Training Clinical Experiences I
    • ATHP 3280 Athletic Training Clinical Experiences II
    • ATHP 4270 Athletic Training Clinical Experiences III
    • ATHP 4280 Athletic Training Clinical Experiences IV
    • ATHP 4191 General Medical Clinical Experience
  • Established Affiliated Agreements for Clinical Placement

    The following colleges and universities have agreed and signed an affiliated agreement contract to serve as affiliated placement settings for athletic training students to complete clinical field experience:

    St. Mary's University

    Trinity University

    The following health care organizations have agreed and signed an affiliated agreement contract to serve as affiliated placement settings for athletic training students to complete clinical field experience:

    Christus Santa Rosa Health Care

    Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio

    University Health Systems

    The following school organizations have agreed and signed an affiliated agreement contract to serve as affiliated placement settings for athletic training students to complete clinical field experience:

    Alamo Heights Independent School District

      • Alamo Heights High

    Antonian Preparatory

      • Antonian High

    Bandera Independent School District

      • Bandera High

    East Central Independent School District

      • East Central High

    Harlandale Independent School District

      • Harlandale High

    Judson Independent School District

      • Judson High
      • Wagner High

    Medina Valley Independent School District

      • Medina Valley High

    New Braunfels Independent School District

      • New Braunfels High

    Northside Independent School District

      • Brandeis High
      • Brennan High
      • Clark High
      • Holmes High
      • John Jay High
      • Marshall High
      • O'Connor High
      • Stevens High
      • Taft High
      • Warren High

    Northeast Independent School District

      • Churchill High
      • Johnson High
      • Lee High
      • MacArthur High
      • Madison High
      • Reagan High
      • Roosevelt High

    Randolph-Field Independent School District

      • Randolph High

    San Antonio Independent School District

      • Brackenridge High
      • Burbank High
      • Edison High
      • Fox Tech High
      • Highlands High
      • Houston High
      • Jefferson High
      • Lanier High
      • Navarro High

    Schertz-Ciblo-Universal City Independent School District

      • Allison Steele High
      • Byron Steele II High
      • Clemens High

    South San Antonio Independent School District

      • South San Antonio High
  • Clinical Preceptors

    Preceptors are health care professionals that meet the current practice definition of their discipline. The following is a current list of clinical preceptors (approved clinical instructors and clinical instructors) that work with our students:

      • Jaime Aguirre, ATC, LAT
      • Amanda Boyd, ATC, LAT
      • John Carollo, MS, ATC, LAT
      • Salvineo Cervantes, LAT
      • Bud Curtis, MD
      • Jessica Gaertner, ATC, LAT
      • Crystal Holley, ATC, LAT
      • James Howard, ATC, LAT
      • BJ Lough, MEd, ATC, LAT
      • DonLouise Martens, ATC, LAT
      • Bryan Meyenberg, MEd, ATC, LAT, CSCS
      • Tim Palomera, MD
      • Frank Pena, ATC, LAT
      • Mike Post, ATC, LAT
      • Marc Powell, ATC, LAT
      • Paul Saenz, DO
      • David Schmidt, MD
      • Paul Snodgrass, ATC, LAT
      • T.R. St Charles, ATC, LAT
      • Andrea Sutter, ATC, LAT
      • Elliott Young, MD

    Other clinical preceptors that work with our students include:

      • James Cano, LAT
      • Barbi Carroll, MAEd, ATC, LAT
      • Ed Champagne, MEd, ATC, LAT
      • Paige Cooper, ATC, LAT
      • Adriana Hernandez-Moody, MS, ATC, LAT, ACSM
      • Tim Kloewer, MS, ATC, LAT
      • Bo Kilpatrick, ATC, CSCS
      • Edward Mizicko, MA, ATC, LAT
      • Leah Nickell, MEd, ATC, LAT
      • James Parker, LAT
      • David Powell, ATC, LAT
      • Vanessa Reyes, MEd, ATC, LAT
      • Kathleen Steinhoff, ATC, LAT
      • Johnathan Stinson, ATC, LAT
      • Chad Sutherland, MEd, ATC, LAT
      • Corby Weeaks, LAT
      • Jana Zamzow, MS, LAT