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NOTE: The following degree and major requirements are for the 2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

Degree and Major Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training requires 121 credit hours for graduation. This includes 45 hours of residency, 36 advanced hours (junior/community college courses will not satisfy), 36 of the last 45 hours from UIW, and 45 clock hours community service.. An athletic training major has 56 credit hours of major courses and 29 credit hours of support work.

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training Degree (BSAT) - 2013-2015 Undergraduate Catalog
Degree Plan 
Recommended Sequence of Courses (4 Year Plan)
Prerequisite and Corequisite Course Sheet
 Bachelor of Science with Major in Athletic Training (BS) - Prior to 2011-2013 Undergraduate Catalog
Degree Plan

To fulfill the requirements for this degree program (BSAT), the student must complete undergraduate coursework, including the university core curriculum and the following major specific requirements:

    1. Athletic Training Core Requirement - 47 hours of coursework that includes:

      ATHP 1110 Injury Prevention Strategies 
      ATHP 1211 Medical Terminology for the Healthcare Professional
      ATHP 1310 Introduction to Patient Care 
      ATHP 2301 Emergency and Medical Aspects of Athletic Training 
      ATHP 2305 Functional Anatomy and Muscle Testing 
      ATHP 2310 Orthopedic Injuries and Athletic Conditions 
      ATHP 2315 Evaluation Strategies for the Trunk and Lower Extremity 
      ATHP 2320 Evaluation Strategies for the Head, Neck & Upper Extremity 
      ATHP 2341 Pharmacological Concepts and Practice 
      ATHP 3310 Pathology of Body Systems 
      ATHP 3320/3120 Therapeutic Modalities with Lab
      ATHP 3330/3130 Therapeutic Rehabilitation with Lab
      ATHP 3340 Concepts in Organization and Administration
      ATHP 4310 Psychosocial Strategies and Referral
      ATHP 4320 Strength Training and Conditioning Prescription
      ATHP 4390 Mock Testing and Professional Practice 

    2. Athletic Training Clinical Requirements - 9 semester hours credit that includes:

      ATHP 3270 Athletic Training Clinical Field Experience I 
      ATHP 3280 Athletic Training Clinical Field Experience II 
      ATHP 4270 Athletic Training Clinical Field Experience III 
      ATHP 4280 Athletic Training Clinical Field Experience IV 
      ATHP 4191 Athletic Training General Medical Field Experience 
      NOTE: Each clinical field experience course requires 300 clock hours

Biology Core Requirement - 8 hours of coursework that includes:

BIOL 2321/2121 Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab
BIOL 2322/2122 Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab

    1. Kinesiology Core Requirement - 6 hours of coursework that includes:

      PEHP 3355 Theory of Movement Form: Analysis and Construction
      PEHP 4338 Fundamentals of Human Performance

    2. Psychology and Sociology Core Requirement - 9 hours of coursework that includes:

      PSYC 1301 Introduction to Psychology
      SOCI/PSYC 3381 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
      SOCI/PSYC 3384 Research Methods

    3. Nutrition Core Requirement - 6 hours of coursework that includes:

      NUTR 2341 Introduction to Nutrition
      NUTR 4356 Nutrition for Human Performance

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