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Graduate Programs in Sport Management


Dr. Randall Griffiths-

The Master of Science in Sport Management is designed for people working in a variety of sports organizations. These include National Governing Bodies of Amateur Sports, international organizations such as the International Olympic Committee and its subsidiaries, charitable institutions, professional and amateur sports organizations, as well as college and university athletic departments. Many graduates of sport management programs work in institutions of higher education in the student services area where facilities are managed and physical activities such as intra-murals are programmed and supervised.

Sport Management Course Descriptions

To fulfill the requirements for the MS in Sport Management requires 36 credit hours of study, the student must complete:

  1. Sports Management Concentration

    SMGT 6380 Sport Management, Administration, and Finance
    SMGT 6382 Human Resources in Sport Management
    SMGT 6384 Leadership and Organization in Sport Management
    SMGT 6370 Psychosocial Aspects of Sport Activity
    SMGT 6375 Sport Governance and Legal Issues in a Global Environment
    SMGT 6390 Research and Decision Analysis in Sport Management

  2. Support Courses

    ADMN 6310 Accounting Concepts and Issues
    ORGD 6320 Organizational Behavior and Learning

    KEHP 6379 Adapted Physical Activity and Sport
    6 hours of Elective

  3. SMGT 6386 Internship in Sport Management

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