Ila Faye Miller School of Nursing

Sport Management (SMHP)


The Bachelor of Business Administration requires 120 credit hours for graduation. This includes 45 hours of residency, 36 advanced hours (junior/community college courses will not satisfy), 36 of the last 45 hours from UIW, 45 clock hours community service and computer literacy (test or course credit).

Unofficial Degree Plan

To fulfill the requirements for this degree program, the student must complete undergraduate coursework, including the university core curriculum and the following major specific requirements:

  1. Business Core Requirement - 45 hours of coursework that includes:

    ACCT 2311 Principles of Accounting I
    ACCT 2312 Principles of Accounting II
    BFIN 3321 Principles of Financial Management
    MIS 2321 Introduction to Information Systems
    BINT 3331 International Business Management
    BLAW 3317 Business Law
    BMGT 3340 Management Theory and Practice
    BMKT 3331 Principles of Marketing
    ECON 2301 Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics
    MIS 2325 Personal Productivity Applications
    BMDS 3370 Business Statistics
    BMDS 3371 Management Science
    BMGT 4380 Integrative Business Analysis/Decision Making I
    BMGT 4381 Integrative Business Analysis/Decision Making II

  2. Sport Management Requirement -18hours of coursework that includes:

    SMHP 3301 Introduction to Sport Management
    SMHP 3302 Human Factors in Sport Management
    SMHP 3303 Seminar in Sports Organizations and the Public Market
    SMHP 3319 Internship in Sport Management
    PEHP 4345 Psychomotor Development: Educational Implications
    BMKT 3333 Integrated Marketing

Sport Management Course Descriptions


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