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Core Requirements for Mathematics (3 credit hours)



Math 1304

Math 1306

Math 2303

HEB School of Business and Administration
All students must complete College Algebra (or a higher level mathematics course) with a grade of C or better. While higher-level math classes are acceptable, the Dean and the faculty prefer that students take MATH 1304 College Algebra.
No No
College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences ARTS Yes HR2 Yes
CLST Yes Yes Yes
ENGL Yes Yes Yes
HIST Yes R1 Yes
INST Yes Yes Yes
MUSI Yes R1 Yes
MUST Yes R1 Yes
MUTH No No Yes
PHIL Yes Yes Yes
POLS Yes Yes Yes
PSYC Yes No Yes
RELS Yes Yes Yes
SOCI Yes Yes Yes
SPAN Yes Yes Yes
THER Yes R1 Yes
Dreeben School of Education: Education majors have to take MATH 1304 College Algebra to fulfill their Core requirement. In addition, EC4 majors have to take MATH 2374 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers and MATH 2375 Mathematics & Science Pedagogy for Elementary Teachers.  Yes No No
Feik School of Pharmacy: All Students have to take MATH 1311 Pre-Calculus, MATH 2312 Calculus and MATH 2303 Intro to Probability & Statistics. The pre-requisite for MATH 1311 is MATH 1304 College Algebra. Students may also be placed directly into Math 1311 through UIW mathematics placement system with sufficiently high standard test scores and high school course grades. Pre-requisite No Yes
School of Interactive Media & Design: Computer Information Systems Yes No No
Communication Arts, Fashion Management, Computer Graphic Arts, and Interior Design Yes Yes No
School of Mathematics, Science & Engineering BIOLOGY Yes No Yes
All other programs Yes No No
School of Nursing & Health Professions: Athletic Training Yes No No
Nuclear Medicine Yes No No
Nursing No No Yes
Kinesiology Yes Yes
(Non-Cert & Trainer only)

1R: Recommended

2HR: Highly Recommended

Note: Math 1308, Finite Mathematics, will be added as of Fall 2014 as an additional option to meet core math requirements.


Core Requirements for Sciences (4 credit hours)

Students may choose one of the following:


1401 Diversity of Life and Lab
BIOL 1402 Unity of Life and Lab
BIOL 2321/2121 Anatomy and Physiology and Lab
CHEM 1405 Science in Everyday Life
ENSC 1410 Introduction to Environmental Science
ENSC 3420H Human Dominated Ecosystems (Honors Students Only)
GEOL 1401 Physical Geology
GEOL 1311/1111 World Geography together and Lab
GEOL 1321/1112 Physical Geography and Lab
GEOL 1402 Historical Geology
GEOL 1415 Astronomy
GEOL 1420 Oceanography
GEOL 2410 Earth Science
METR 1325/1125 Natural Hazards and Lab
METR 1430 Meteorology
NUTR 2400 Environmental Nutrition
PHYS1 1301/1101 General Physics I and Lab
PHYS1 2305/2105 Physics I and Lab
PHYS1 2308/2108 Physical Science and Lab

 1Not recommended for non-SMSE majors.

 (added: 10/25/2013)