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Welcome future fashion student!


You've started your college career and have decided to transfer to UIW. Whether the change is the result of a move, the desire to finally complete that bachelors degree you previously gave up on, or you've changed your goals and decided a degree in fashion is what you need to prepare you for your future, we'll be so glad to have you join us.

You can get basic information about the department and our program by downloading our brochure here.

The first piece of information we want to provide is the general university admissions requirements. Then you will find a link for the process of transferring your credits.

The Tuition Information link gives you directions for finding university information on tuition and fees and how you can pay for your degree.

The Events Calendar link is where you can find university events such as tours, preview days, information sessions, etc.

Finally, the page entitled Next Steps gives you the step-by-step process for applying to UIW. 

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you.